Minimising Eyeshadow Fallout











Eyeshadow ‘fallout’ refers to the little particles of powder which drop down on the face when you are applying eyeshadow.  It can be very frustrating seeing ‘fallout’ on the face when you have spent time creating a beautiful look.  Having little specks of eyeshadow or glitter can make the under-eye area look messy and ruin the overall effect.  However…there are several techniques which can help prevent your overall look being ruined by eyeshadow ‘fallout’.

Try holding a small, folded piece of tissue under your eye while you apply your eyeshadow
This will catch any ‘fallout’ from the eyeshadow and prevent the particles from falling down on to your face.

Apply your eyeshadow first before the rest of your make-up
This can help you to clear up any ‘fallout’ and ensure it does not spoil the rest of your make-up.  I often apply my eyeshadow first, as well as using the tissue technique (mentioned above) to keep my face clear of any eyeshadow particles.

Try using loose face powder under the eyes
Sweep some loose face powder under your eyes to catch the ‘fallout’ and then brush this away when you have finished applying your eyeshadow.  This will remove any eyeshadow particles which have dropped down under your eyes.

Lightly tap the brush on a counter whenever you pick up any eyeshadow
Tapping the brush helps to flick off any loose product and prevents excess eyeshadow from falling down onto the face.  This tip also helps to ensure a more even distribution of product when applying eyeshadow to the eye.

Sweep a clean tissue or cotton ball under the eye area once you have finished applying eyeshadow
This helps to remove any particles of eyeshadow that may have fallen under the eye, despite your best efforts to prevent ‘fallout’.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Do you have any tips for preventing eyeshadow ‘fallout’? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.


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