Bronze Glow Series



These looks show how experimenting with a different eyeshadow colour on the lid can easily change up an existing look. All looks use a bronze eyeliner on the upper/lower lashes, medium teal in the crease and the same application technique.










Click here to read my article on ‘Parts of the Eye’ for help on where to place eyeshadow colours.

Look 1 Seafoam Green Bronze Glow

This look uses a seafoam green on the lid, giving a softer effect to the eye.



Look 2 Sapphire Bronze Glow

This look uses a bright blue on the lid, adding a nice level of contrast to the bronze eyeliner.



Look 3 Amethyst Bronze Glow

This look uses a medium purple on the lid, creating a jewel-like effect on the eye. The purple also blends nicely with the teal in the crease, creating a blue-ish effect where the colours overlay.


Try experimenting with different lid colours and see what other variations you can come up with!

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