Eyeshadow Style 3: Contouring With Eyeshadow





Contouring the eye is a classic technique for shaping the eyes and making them look bigger.  I tend to contour my eyes in the majority of looks as I find that it adds depth to the eye and makes them look bigger.

This eyeshadow style generally suits most eye shapes, particularly those with a discernible crease or visible eyelid space.  It is worth trying out contouring to see whether it suits you.  If you have flatter eyelids, then you might have to ‘create’ a crease with eyeshadows to achieve the contouring effect.

This article provides detailed explanations on ‘How to locate the eye contour’, ‘Choosing eyeshadow colours for contouring’ and a step-by-step guide on ‘How to contour the eye with eyeshadow’.  There are also various photos of examples of different to provide some inspiration (click on the links to read more details on each look).

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Eyeshadow Style 2: Highlighted Look












This post in the ‘Eyeshadow Styles’ series shows you how to create a highlighted effect on the eyes by applying a darker colour to the inner and outer lid and a lighter, shimmery shade to the middle of the eyelid.  This eyeshadow style is particularly flattering if you have almond shaped eyes or flatter eyelids, as it makes the eyes look rounder in shape.


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Eyeshadow Style 1: Single Colour Eyeshadow Look

Pic 1 Pic 2









Applying a single colour to the eyelid is a quick way to make your eyes look fresh and polished.  Finishing the look off with a sweep of mascara helps to frame and define the eyes.  This type of look can also be accomplished with just one brush (or sponge applicator, making it the simplest to create.  Perfect for when you are pushed for time or just want an easy way to make your eyes look brighter, more awake and defined! Here’s how to create a simple eyeshadow look:

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