Tips and Tricks: Minimising Eyeshadow Fallout















Eyeshadow ‘fallout’ refers to the little particles of powder which drop down on the face when you are applying eyeshadow.  It can be very frustrating seeing ‘fallout’ on the face when you have spent time creating a beautiful look.  Having little specks of eyeshadow or glitter can make the under-eye area look messy and ruin the overall effect.  

There are several techniques which can help prevent your overall look being ruined by eyeshadow ‘fallout’.  Read on to find out!  

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How to Make Red Lips Less Intimidating



Pic 2 MF lipstick balm and revlomn colourstay butter in wild watermelon

Pic 5 MF Gloss and MAC miley cyrus

Pic 8 Revlon just bitten stain













If you are keen to try red lipstick but find the thought of wearing a bright, traffic-stopping red daunting, then there are some ways of easing yourself in gently.  This first article in the ‘All About Red Lips’ series focuses on how to make red lipstick less intimidating and more wearable.

There are various types of products that you can use to introduce yourself to red lips, without having to go full-on red.  There are also different techniques for muting a lipstick if you don’t yet feel ready to wear it in its full-bodied form.

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