Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Eyeshadow Palette











When the Kat Von D ‘Saint and Sinner Eyeshadow Palette’ launched in October at Debenhams, it took me a wee while to decide whether or not to purchase it.  Not because of the shade selection or the quality (it’s amazing on both counts!) but due to the £52 price tag.  The palette costs more than I would usually spend on an eyeshadow palette and so I really wanted to make sure it would be a good investment for me before forking out for it.  Now that I have it, I am soooooo glad that I got it!!!!

Click here to see combination ideas using this palette (first look posted on 27 November)!

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IT Cosmetics: ‘It’s Your Complexion Perfection’ 4 Piece Collection on QVC

















QVC UK started selling IT Cosmetics last year and since then, I have been eager to try out some of their products.  As of last week, QVC UK started selling the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream as part of a special 4 piece collection.  I’ve heard a lot of great things about this product (Emilynoel83 loves it), along with the other items in the collection, and so I couldn’t resist ordering it for myself.  The collection was also available last weekend for a ‘Today’s Special Value’ deal of £47.89, rather than £65, as part of QVC UK’s Beauty Weekend.  So I just had to get it!

I thought I’d do a post showing what the collection looks like and giving a quick overview of the products inside.  I’ve just received the set and not yet had a chance to play around with the products.  I  might do a few other posts providing more information on what I think of the products once I’ve used them and more detailed product pictures  (let me know in the comments section if you would like to see these types of posts).

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Kiko Super Colour and Lasting Precision Eyeliners









On a recent visit to the Kiko store, I picked up two different types of eyeliners: one of their new Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliners and one of their Super Colour Eyeliners.  I’ve been really enjoying trying out Kiko make-up recently and these two products are no exception.  These products are highly pigmented, glide on easily and last all day – everything I look for from an eyeliner.  Oh, and did I mention that they are reasonably priced as well? Another win-win for me from Kiko!

Interested in reading more posts on Kiko make-up? Click here to read about other products I have tried out and love from the brand.

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Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette


Pic 3












If you are a fan of the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow singles or if you have always fancied trying them, then the new Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette could be right up your street.  Eight eyeshadows which contain the perfect mix of colour, pigment and sparkle – what’s not to love? The good news is that this palette is permanent, so you can take your time in considering if it is a must-buy for you (it was for me!).

Click ‘Read More’ to see more information, photos and swatches!

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Kiko High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadows in shades 20 and 24


Kiko High Pigment Eyeshadows in 20 Pearly Tangerine (left) and 4 Pearly Violet (right)

Kiko High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadows in 20 Pearly Tangerine (left) and 24 Pearly Violet (right)













I have been enjoying using my High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in 84 Pearly Green (click here to read more about this shade) and so I picked up two more shades to try out when I was in store recently.  There is a good selection of colours in the High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow range and these two shades caught my eye.  I love orange and purple eyeshadows and these two products had micro sparkle through them, making them extra pretty.  I just couldn’t resist trying them out!

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Urban Decay XX Vice Ltd Reloaded Palette


Pic 2














I am a huge fan of the Urban Decay Vice palettes, as they usually contain a fantastic range of colours and finishes.  So when I found out they were releasing a new palette as part of their 20th anniversary, I was super excited! The palette is currently exclusively available from Debenhams and the official Urban Decay webpage in the UK, giving us a chance to sample the delights of past and present must-have Urban Decay shades.

The Urban Decay XX Vice Ltd Reloaded Palette contains 20 eyeshadows spanning their history, including vintage shades back from Urban Decay’s early days, must-haves from their current collection and completely new shades.  The vintage shades in this palette bring back a lot of memories for me, as I remember purchasing some of them in my student days.  Goldmine was my very first Urban Decay purchase, swiftly followed by Midnight Cowboy and Hot Pants.   What better way to try out some past much-loved shades and to experience must-haves from the current range?

Click ‘Read More’ to see more information, photos and swatches!

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My Holiday Make-up Bag


Pic 1











When I’m on holiday, I like my make-up to be effortless and easy.  I like to look polished and nicely presented but I don’t want to have to spend much time getting ready.  When I’m visiting warmer climates, I also like my make-up to be very light and fresh; I prefer not to have much on my face at all.  Over the years, I’ve managed to whittle down my holiday make-up bag to those products that I know I will use.

I thought it would be fun to do a post featuring those products, as I know how hard it can be to leave products behind when you are a make-up lover! This post features my favourite face, eye and lip products for taking on holiday.

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Charlotte Tilbury: Instant Look in a Palette


Pic 1















I’ve been reading a lot about Charlotte Tilbury products recently and really fancied trying them out.  They are very pricey, though, and so I’ve held off buying any of the individual products.  The ‘Instant Look in a Palette’, though, really caught my interest as it contains smaller versions of some of Charlotte Tilbury’s most popular products – all in one handy travel-sized palette.

The palette is intended to give you just as it says in the name – an ‘Instant Look in a Palette: 5 Minute Face on the Go’.  This product is designed for women who just want a quick and easy way to look polished and naturally beautiful.  So an ‘Instant Look’ and a range of Charlotte Tilbury’s products in one palette – sounds good to me!

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Kiko Water Eyeshadows


Pic 1

Kiko Water Eyeshadows in Nos 210, 212, 219 and 221. Kiko Creamy Colour Comfort Lipliner in 312 and Smart Lip Pencil in 707 (click here to read about the lip products)















I recently posted about some new make-up purchases from Kiko, one of them being from their Water Eyeshadow range (click here to read the post).  I thought it would be fun to do a separate post just on the Kiko Water Eyeshadows, as I really love this particular product.

I have four Water Eyeshadows which are featured in this post: 219 Flamingo Pink (also featured here), 212 Emerald Green, 210 Golden Spring Green and 221 Cyclamen.

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NYX Slide-On Eye Pencils


Close-up of NYX Slide-On Eyeliner Pencil

Pic 5






Today, I want to introduce you to a new exciting find of mine: NYX Slide-On Eye Pencils!

I was very excited to see recently that my local Boots counter had a new NYX counter.  I’ve read a lot online on US make-up blogs about NYX make-up and so I was eager to try out their products.  The NYX eye pencils also offer an exciting cheaper alternative to my favourite Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Liners, in that they are only £5 (opposed to £14 for the Urban Decay product).  So great for your wallet, as well as your face!

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