Shades of Green











For this look, I combined various shades of green eyeshadow to create a graded effect on the eyes.  Using eyeshadows from the same colour family keeps things simple, as you can shape the eye without having to work out how to combine different colours.  This look can be varied by replacing the green with light, medium and dark eyeshadows from other colour families, such as blue, purple or brown.

Here’s how to re-create this look:


Base: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original (clear)
Crease: MAC Plumage eyeshadow (matte deep dark teal)
Outer Lid: MAC Feeling Fresh eyeshadow (medium shimmery bright grass-green)
Middle of Lid: Lucky Green (medium shimmery yellow-lime green)
Inner Lid: Guacamole (light satin neutral guacamole green)
Highlight: Ricepaper eyeshadow (light shimmery cream-gold)
Outer Lower Lashline: Feeling Fresh (as above)
Middle Lower Lashline: Lucky Green (as above)
Inner Lower Lashline: Guacamole (as above)
Black mascara (upper and lower lashes)


1. Apply Primer Potion all over the lid as a base. You can either use your fingers or a flat synthetic brush (e.g. MAC 242).

2. Sweep Plumage into the crease using a windshield wiper motion (e.g. MAC 217).  Take a little of Plumage into the outer lid as well.  Applying a dark colour to the crease/outer lid helps to shape/define the eye.  This step really helps in this type of look, as using eyeshadows from the same colour family can sometime make the eye look a little ‘flat’.

3. Apply Feeling Fresh on to the outer eyelid using a gentle patting motion (e.g. MAC 239). 

4. Apply Lucky Green to the middle of the eyelid using a gentle patting motion (e.g. MAC 239).

5. Apply Guacamole to the inner part of the eyelid using a gentle patting motion (e.g. MAC 239).

6. If you find that the colours do not look nicely blended together, take a little of each shade at a time so that they overlap.  For example, pat a little more of Lucky Green just over where it meets Feeling Fresh.  You can also apply a little more of Guacamole just where it meets the edges of Lucky Green.  Overlapping colours very slightly in this way helps them to transition smoothly into one another.

7. Using a crease/blender brush (e.g. MAC 217) or a pointed crease brush (e.g. MAC 226), sweep Ricepaper on to the browbone to highlight and further blend out the edges of the crease colour.

8. Take a pencil brush (e.g. MAC 219) and apply Feeling Fresh to the outer lower lashline, Lucky Green to the middle lower lashline and Guacamole to the inner lower lashline.  The application along the lower lashline mirrors the placement of colours on the upper eyelid and helps to shape the eye.  Run your finger very lightly over the lower lashline to lightly smudge out/soften the colours.

9. Apply black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Here’s one more picture of the finished look:


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