LA Lakers Inspired











Pairing together colours which are opposite each other on the colour wheel (known as complementary colours) is a good way to make your eyes really stand out.  For this look, I combined purples with a bright primary yellow in the inner lid to create a striking effect on the eyes.

I called this look ‘LA Lakers Inspired’ as my husband said ‘LA Lakers!’ immediately when he saw the look (LA Lakers is an American basketball team, in case you aren’t familiar with the name).

Here’s how to create the look:

Click here to read my article ‘Parts of the Eye’ for help on where to place eyeshadow colours.


Base: MAC Painterly Paint Pot (neutral light beige)
Crease and Outer Lid: MAC Indian Ink eyeshadow (dark matte cool-toned purple)
Lid: MAC Purple Haze eyeshadow (medium matte cool-toned muted purple)
Inner Lid: MAC Chrome Yellow eyeshadow (bright matte yellow)
Highlight: MAC Blanc Type eyeshadow (light matte cream beige)
Mid-Outer Lower Lashline: MAC Purple Haze eyeshadow (as above)
Inner Lower Lashline: MAC Chrome Yellow (as above)


1. Apply Painterly over the lid as a base.  You can use your fingers or a synthetic brush (e.g. MAC 242) for applying the primer potion.

2.  Apply Indian Ink in the crease of the eye with a crease/blender brush using a windshield wiper motion (e.g. MAC 217).  Take Indian Ink down into the outer lid section as well to further shape the eye.

3. Take a flat shader brush (e.g. MAC 239) and pat Purple Haze on the lid.  Keep the inner lid free of colour as we will be applying yellow to this section in the next stage.

4.  Take the same flat shader brush (e.g. MAC 239) and pat Chrome Yellow on to the inner part of the lid, overlapping slightly with where Purple Haze starts.  This helps the two colours blend together.  If you find blending difficult, take a little more of Purple Haze and lightly dab over the edge of where it meets Chrome Yellow.  Taking colours slightly into one another where they meet helps with blending, particularly when using contrasting shades.

5. Using a crease/blender brush (e.g. MAC 217) or a pointed crease brush (e.g. MAC 226), sweep Blanc Type on to the browbone to highlight. Take this down into the inner corner as well to brighten the eye.

6. Take a pencil brush (e.g. MAC 219) and apply Purple Haze along the middle-outer lower lashline.  Keep the inner lower lash section free of colour.

7. Take the same pencil brush (e.g. MAC 219) and apply Chrome Yellow to the inner lower lashline.

8. Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.  Mascara is a key stage in finishing off any eyeshadow look but is particularly important when using such contrasting shades as it helps define the eye.

Here’s one more picture of the finished look:


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