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For this look, I used shades of gold, brown and burgundy to create a warm, autumnal effect on the eyes.  This type of look is neutral enough that it can be easily paired with any shade of lipstick, blusher or any outfit.

Tip: Try adding in some black eyeshadow to the outer v if you want to make the look smokier.  You can also add in black liner along the lash lines to create a more defined effect on the eyes.

Here’s how to re-create this look:

Click here to read my article ‘Parts of the Eye’ for help on where to place eyeshadow colours.


Base: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original (clear)
Crease : MAC Texture eyeshadow (medium matte orange-brown)
Deepen Crease: MAC Sketch eyeshadow (dark velvet burgundy)
Lid: MAC Barefoot eyeshadow (medium shimmery true gold)
Highlight: MAC Shroom eyeshadow (light satin  beige)
Outer Lower Lashline: MAC Sketch eyeshadow (as above)
Lower Lashline: MAC Barefoot eyeshadow (as above)
Middle Lower Lashline: MAC Texture eyeshadow (as above)
Black mascara (upper and lower lashes)


1. Apply Primer Potion all over the lid as a base. You can either use your fingers or a flat synthetic brush (e.g. MAC 242).

2. Sweep Texture into the crease using a windshield wiper motion (e.g. MAC 217).

3. Deepen the crease using Sketch on a crease/blender brush (e.g. MAC 217).  Take Sketch into the outer v as well to help shape the eye.  Deepening the crease provides extra smokiness and adds depth to the eye.

4. Take a flat shader brush (e.g. MAC 239) and pat Barefoot on to the eyelid.

5. Using a crease/blender brush (e.g. MAC 217) or a pointed crease brush (e.g. MAC 226), sweep Shroom on to the browbone to highlight and further blend out the edges of the crease colour.

6. Take an angled eyeliner brush (e.g. MAC 266) and apply Sketch along the outer part of the lower lashline.  Take the same angled brush and sweep Barefoot along the whole of the lower lashline.  Take the brush and apply Texture to the middle of the lower lashline.  Applying the shades in this manner helps them to blend together nicely.  You can lightly sweep the brush (or a clean finger) along the lower lashline to help the shades blend together more.

7. Apply black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Here’s one more picture of the finished look:

Pic 3

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