Tips and Tricks: Minimising Eyeshadow Fallout















Eyeshadow ‘fallout’ refers to the little particles of powder which drop down on the face when you are applying eyeshadow.  It can be very frustrating seeing ‘fallout’ on the face when you have spent time creating a beautiful look.  Having little specks of eyeshadow or glitter can make the under-eye area look messy and ruin the overall effect.  

There are several techniques which can help prevent your overall look being ruined by eyeshadow ‘fallout’.  Read on to find out!  

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New Posts Coming on Make-up Application, Tips and Tricks!














I love writing posts for my blog, as I find it to be such a great creative outlet for my love of all things make-up. 

Friends and family regularly ask me for advice on make-up, which was another motivator for me to set up my own make-up blog.  Having my own blog enables me to point friends/family to a resource where I can write posts addressing all their queries on make-up application, provide recommendations for products or give them inspiration for looks.

I’m really keen to get back into writing posts on make-up application on my blog, as in recent times, I have been focusing more on products, looks and hauls.  I miss writing about the educational aspects, so I’m excited to get back into adding these types of posts to my blog! Products, looks, combo ideas, hauls and make-up news will still be a feature of my blog; I’m just looking to diversify my content and to post on a wider variety of areas.

You will be able to find all existing and upcoming posts on make-up application under the ‘All About Make-Up Guide’ tab on the menu bar.  I’m also going to add in a ‘Tips and Tricks’ category to the ‘All About Make-Up Guide’ tab for upcoming posts on how to address various make-up related issues or concerns.

Are there any areas of make-up application you would like to learn more about? Any issues, niggles or aspects you struggle with in terms of make-up application? Let me know in the comments section and I will see if I can write a post to help you out!