Benefit Rockateur Blusher


Today, I am going to introduce you to one of my new favourite blushers: Benefit Rockateur Blusher.  Rockateur is described as a ‘rose-gold’ and I find that the blusher fits this description well.  The blusher comes in a box which includes a small brush and a mirror, which means you can easily pop it in your bag for touch-ups when you are out and about.











Rockateur comes in the typical Benefit blusher/bronzer box with a flip-top lid.  The box has a fun, funky print and the colour scheme of gold, rose and pink reflects the tones in the blusher itself.


Top of Benefit Rockateur blusher box

IMG_3058 (2)

Underside of Benefit Rockateur blusher box









When you open the box, you will see that Rockateur includes a small blusher brush and a mirror in the flip-up lid.  The inclusion of the mirror and mini brush means that you can pop the box in your bag and touch up your blusher (and the rest of your make-up) during the day without having to take extra tools with you.  The brush comes in a small plastic tray (on top of the blusher) for storing the brush when you are not using it, helping to avoid blusher particles gathering in the bristles.



Opened Benefit Rockateur blusher showing brush (on top of blusher) and mirror (in lid)


Rockateur blusher  has an interesting mix of bronze, pink and gold hues.  There is a very slight sheen to the product which provides a pretty highlight and depth to the cheeks, without making them look glittery or sparkly.  I find that brown/bronze blushers do not suit my colouring but the mix of bronze, pink and gold in Rockateur makes this blusher extremely wearable, flattering and pretty on the complexion.  This blusher is pigmented, yet buildable, which means that you can apply it lightly if you prefer a sheerer finish or apply more for a stronger bronzed-pink cheek.  The blusher itself is embossed with the word ‘Rockateur’ but the letters do wear away through use (as viewed on my blusher in the photo below).


Benefit Rockateur blusher


I love wearing Rockateur on days when I want to make my face look warm, bronzed, yet still with a pink-based flush.   This blusher is particularly nice during summer time for giving a bronzed, pretty hue.  You can also add a little highlighter powder (or liquid) to the tops of cheekbones to add extra dimension to the face if you like.

I also like applying Rockateur as a blusher after contouring my cheekbones with a bronzer/contour powder (try Benefit Hoola or MAC Taupe).  I find that pairing these two types of products helps to sculpt cheeks, whilst keeping the look subtle, pretty and glowy.  Again, you can apply a highlighter to the tops of cheekbones to add extra shape to your cheekbones.

Benefit Rockateur blusher costs £23.50, making it more of an expensive product.  However, I find that Benefit blushers are pigmented and last a long time, making them a good investment if you are looking for a good quality blusher.  You can find special deals from time-to-time on Benefit products which can help reduce costs or provide extra value for money.  Debenhams, House of Fraser, feelunique and lookfantastic often have 10% off deals, Boots sometimes has special promotions and QVC often sells special value sets which are well worth a look.

Have you tried Rockateur blusher before? Did you like it? Or do you have a different favourite bronzey-pink blusher? Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

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