Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Dive Bar





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Today, I am going to introduce you to one of my new favourite eyeshadows – Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Dive Bar! Dive Bar is a gorgeous, slightly iridescent bluish-purple shade – not quite purple, not quite blue, just a beautiful mix of both.  This type of shade is perfect if you feel that blue is a little scary but purple is too bold.

Dive Bar is a new addition to Urban Decay’s existing range of eyeshadows.  It comes in a beautiful, slightly iridescent purple box, with the product name across the top.


Urban Decay Eyeshadow ‘Dive Bar’ in box










The eyeshadow is encased in a classy and funky looking silver eyeshadow pot, with the shade name on the bottom.  You can keep the eyeshadow in the pot or you can pop it out to store it in one of Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palettes.



'Dive Bar' eyeshadow in pot

‘Dive Bar’ eyeshadow in pot


‘Dive Bar’ eyeshadow pan popped out of pot













Bluish-purple is one of my favourite eyeshadow shades to wear but not always easy to find in the shops, so I was so happy to find Dive Bar! Purple-based eyeshadows can sometimes lack in pigmentation or do not transfer as opaquely to the lid.  However, Dive Bar is is pigmented, smooth and applies beautifully to the lid.


Swatch of ‘Dive Bar’ eyeshadow


You can wear Dive Bar in a number of different ways:

For a quick and simple look, simply sweep Dive Bar on to the lid, apply a skin-toned highlighter on the browbone and finish with mascara.

Try combining with blues, purples and silvers for a look with more detail.

You can also use Dive Bar with contrasting shades, such as golds, pinks and aquas to create a look with added impact.  See the Gold and Purple Orchid and the Blueberry Wine looks below for some inspiration.

















Urban Decay Eyeshadows cost £14 and are available from various stores and online retailers, including Debenhams, House of Frasers and feelunique.com..

Have you tried Dive Bar eyeshadow before? How do you like to wear it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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