Kiko Make-Up: Eyeshadows and Lip Liners


Pic 1a

Left to Right: High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow (84), Water Eyeshadow (219), Smart Lip Pencil (707), Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner (312)















I recently discovered that there is now a Kiko make-up shop in Glasgow city centre.  I’ve only been in a Kiko store once before (when I was visiting Mallorca) and picked up a few of their Water eyeshadows.  I really loved the make-up – based on its range, quality and affordability – and so I was very excited to see we now have a store in Glasgow!

There are tonnes of products to choose from in store, including make-up, nail care, skin care and beauty tools.  I’ve been in a couple of times since the store opened and picked up two eyeshadows and two lipliners.

I chose shade 84 Pearly Light Green from the ‘High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadows’ range (£5.90 each).  84 is a gorgeous light spring green with a pearl finish.  It has a very slight gold cast to it, which looks really pretty in the light.  You can use this eyeshadow dry or wet, depending on your preferences.

Pic 3

High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow in 84 Pearly Light Green


















The compact is thin and square shaped, making it easy to store and take with you.

Pic 2

Top of eyeshadow compact

Pic 4

Back of eyeshadow compact









I looooove the packaging, in that you can keep the eyeshadow in the compact or you can flip it out to store it in one of Kiko’s eyeshadow palettes (or any other magnetised palette).  It comes out really, really easily; just press down gently in the corner of the eyeshadow to remove it.  The eyeshadow has a magnet on the back of it, so it stays in place whether you keep it in the compact or store it in the palette.  I really like this feature, as you can chop and change depending on your needs (e.g. in the compact for home use, in a palette for holiday and then back in the compact when you get back).

_Pic 5

Compact with eyeshadow pan taken out

Pic 6

Compact with eyeshadow pan taken out (back of eyeshadow pan in pic)










I chose shade 219 Flamingo Pink from the ‘Water Eyeshadow’ range (£8.90 each).  220 is a shimmery, light-medium peachy-pink.  It has the most beautiful sheen to it and adds such a wonderful brightness to the lids.  It’s got a really smooth texture and glides on easily.  Water eyeshadows can be used wet or dry, depending on your preference.  You get fantastic payoff when you use it dry or you can use a dampened brush (or fixing spray) to apply it if you want to really amp up the metallic sheen.  I have three other Water eyeshadows (which I purchased  in Mallorca) which I have written about in this post.

Pic 7

Water Eyeshadow in 219 Flamingo Pink




















Pic 8

Close up of eyeshadow in compact














I’m going through a lip liner phase at the moment and so I wanted to pick up a couple more shades.  I go through phases of using lip liner and then not, so I didn’t want to buy anything too expensive.  I thought I would try out pencils from a couple of the Kiko ranges to see what they were like.

I chose shade 707 Strawberry Red from the ‘Smart Lip Pencil’ range (£2.50 each).  This shade is a medium, bright  pinkish-coral, with orangey undertones.  It seemed to be relatively soft and glided on my hand when I was testing it out, so I thought it would be good to try out.  I can see this shade pairing well with coral-pink lipsticks like MAC Toxic Tale, MAC Toying Around and Maybelline Rambling Rose.  The one thing I noticed with this lip pencil is that it has a very pencil-like scent (like the pencils I used at school).  It doesn’t bother me that much but I do notice the scent.  You might want to take that into account if you are sensitive to scents in make-up.

Pic 10

Smart Lip Pencil in 707 Strawberry Pink







I chose shade 312 Fuschia from the ‘Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner range (£5.90 each).  This shade is a deep fuschia colour.  The pencil felt really soft and glided on my hand when I tested it.  I can see this shade going perfectly with some of my favourite deep pink lipsticks (MAC Show Orchid, MAC Full Fuschia, Urban Decay Firebird).  This product doesn’t have a pencil-like scent, so you might prefer this one to the Smart Lip Pencil range if you are sensitive to scents.

Pic 9

Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in 312 Fuschia







Here are some swatches of the products so you can get an idea of what the look like:

Pic 12

Left to Right: 84 Pearly Lime Green High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow; 219 Flamingo Pink Water Eyeshadow, 707 Strawberry Red Smart Lip Pencil, 312 Fuschia Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner









Have you tried Kiko make-up before? What did you think of it? Are there any products or shades that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Always good to hear about new products. You give a very detailed description of such products which is very useful.

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