#2 Make-up Organisation and Storage: Eyeshadow Palettes, Brushes and Mirror













This post is based around how I store my eyeshadow palettes, my brushes and the mirror on my dressing table.  I store my eyeshadow singles separately in my dressing table drawer so I will do a separate post on that aspect of my make-up collection.

If you want to know more about any of the products in the photos here let me know.

Note: I’ve separated my make-up organisation and storage into articles based around different parts of my make-up collection.  Once I started writing, I realised that keeping it as one post was going to be too long and a bit overwhelming.  You can read my other articles on how I store and organise my make-up here.

I keep all of my eyeshadow palettes and my brushes in a large cream basket from Lakeland Plastics (available here).  Lakeland sells the boxes in a range of sizes, so you can choose the style which suits your needs.  Having everything in one basket like this keeps all of my products tidy and stops them from falling or slipping around on my dressing table.  It also makes it really easy for me to see all of my palettes and to pick out what I want to use for the day (very helpful when you have a large make-up collection!).  My eyeshadow palettes are organised in sections according to brands so that it is easy to find what I am looking for. 












I keep all of my Urban Decay Vice eyeshadow palettes at the back left of the box, slotted behind my brushes.  There is some room in that section, which makes it easy for me to flick through the palettes.  I have the Vice 2, Vice 3, Vice 4 and the Vice XX Ltd Revolution palettes in my collection.

I keep my Charlotte Tilbury ‘Instant Look in a Palette’ (read more here), Too Faced Love Flush Blush Wardrobe Palette (see here) and an old-style MAC 15-pan eyeshadow palette at the back right of the box.  I keep eyeshadows which are nearly finished in the MAC 15-pan palette to encourage me to use them up.  The MAC eyeshadow palettes are great, as you can buy eyeshadow pan singles and store them however you like using their special inserts (which you place inside the palette).

I keep all of my MAC 15-pan eyeshadow palettes in a medium sized cream Lakeland plastic box in the right hand side of the larger Lakeland box.  I like to keep all of my MAC eyeshadow palettes together; again, it makes it easy for me to flick through my MAC collection.  There is some room in this box as well, which is always great.

I have seven MAC eyeshadow palettes, so I have quite a sizeable collection of their eyeshadows.  I use the large make-up palettes, along with the 15 pan inserts, to organise my eyeshadows. My eyeshadows are organised according to colour family inside the palettes so that I can quickly locate whatever shade I am looking for.  I might try and do a separate post on my MAC eyeshadow palettes showing how I organise them and what shades I have (let me know if this is something you would like to read about on the site!).

I keep my other Urban Decay Palettes behind the box holding my MAC eyeshadow palettes.  I have the Naked 3 Palette, the Naked Smoky Palette and the Moondust Palette in my collection.  I keep them separate from the Vice Palettes as the sizes are different and I like to store similar ranges together.

I store my Sleek eyeshadow palettes, along with one MAC eyeshadow quad, at the front right of the box.  I have four Sleek eyeshadow palettes, two which are part of the permanent collection (Original and Ultra Matte V2) and two which were limited edition (Rio and Del Mar 2).  The MAC eyeshadow quad I have is from a limited edition collection (I think it was called ‘MAC Make Me Over’) a few years back in the shade ‘Lady Grey’.  

The Sleek palettes are great, as they are extremely inexpensive and very light, making them fantastic for travelling.  I mainly use my Sleek palettes when I am going on holiday as they are so light but I do dip into them from time to time at home.

MAC sells pre-made eyeshadow quads (where the shades are already picked out for you as part of their collections) or you can also make up your own quad using their quad palette and insert.  I have a couple of empty MAC eyeshadow quads which I use when I am going away for the weekend as I am able to choose exactly what I want from my existing collection, without taking lots of products. 

I also keep a small blue face cloth at the side of the large cream basket.  I like to put my products on the face cloth when I am applying my make-up to keep the dressing table surface clean and free of make-up dust.


I keep all of my make-up brushes in the Muji PP Vanity 1/2 With Partition (available here).  I really like this particular container, as it has 6 separate long compartments which can be used to store different types of make-up brushes.  It is extremely inexpensive as well, in that it only costs £2.95 – not bad for storing brushes! Muji also has various other storage options which can be used for brushes (see here).

















I have a wide variety of make-up brushes as I use them for different purposes.  It’s difficult to see in the photo (as there are so many brushes!) but each single compartment contains brushes of a particular type.  My brushes are organised according to the following purposes: foundation brushes, blusher brushes, highlighter and contour brushes, flat shader brushes, crease/blender brushes and small detail brushes (pencil brushes, concealer brushes and eyeliner brushes).  This approach helps me quickly pick out whatever brush I am looking for, whether I want to pat colour on to the lid, blend out crease colour, apply contour powder to my cheeks or highlight my cheekbones.  


I apply my make-up using a large rectangular shaped mirror which I picked up from Homebase some time ago.





















I really like the rectangular shape of this mirror, as I can see my whole face in it easily when applying my make-up.   I have my mirror boosted up on a deep, round shaped box (an old perfume Stella McCartney gift box) so that it is at the right height for me.


So that’s how I store my eyeshadow palettes, brushes and the mirror I use for make-up application.  My next post in this series will show you how I store eyeliners, eyeshadow singles and eyeshadow bases.

How do you store your make-up? Any make-up storage and organisation tips you would like to pass on? Let me know in the comments section below.

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