Benefit Ready, Set Brow! 24 Hour Setting Gel



























I mentioned some time ago in a ‘sneak peek’ post (read more here) that I had purchased several products from the Benefit brow range.  This post will focus on one of the products: the Ready, Set, Brow! 24 Hour Setting Gel.  When I had a brow lesson at the House of Fraser counter, the make-up artist used this product on my brows straight after she used the Goof Proof Pencil (click here to read my post on this pencil) to define, shape and set my brows.  I really loved how defined, yet natural, this product made my brows look and purchased it some time after when Debenhams had a 10% off beauty event sale.

Ready, Set, Brow! comes beautifully packaged in a pink and silver box.  The front of the box provides the product information, including the name, purpose, weight and how to use the product.  It states that Ready, Set, Brow! is a ’24 hour invisible shaping and setting gel for brows’ and that the container holds 7.0ml/0.23 US fl.oz of product.   The side of the box provides some information on how many consumers stated the brow gel held their brows in place.  






























































The back of the box states that the gel has ’24 hour staying power’, a ‘flexible, flake-free formula’ and that it is ‘easy to apply…quick to dry’.  There is also a picture of what the brow gel wand looks like, stating that the wand will coat ‘from root-to-tip’, as well as shape and define brows.    
































The gel comes in a plastic silver bottle, with pink and black writing.  It is a similar size to a mascara tube, light-weight (without being flimsy) and easy to hold.



















Upon opening, you can see that the wand has two shapes of bristles on either end.  













One end has smaller, tightly packed bristles, whilst the other has longer, slightly wider spaced bristles.  The wand is a good size, in that it is long enough to enable you to coat your brows in gel, without being too long and unwieldy or too short and hard to handle.














The product is just as it says – a clear brow gel which you can use to define and shape your brows.  I am sure there are cheaper brow gels out there but I really love this particular product.  It is so easy to sweep on to the brows and I love how there are two different types of bristles.  The gel itself is clear so it won’t add any colour to your brows; it is purely to shape and define your brow hairs.  I like to use the gel after my other brow products (I either use it over Ka Brow! or the Goof Proof Pencil) but you can easily use it on its own if you prefer.

The gel itself has a good consistency, in that it is strong enough to hold my brow hairs in place but it doesn’t make them feel crunchy or hard.  They just look nicely defined, yet still natural.

The brow gel comes with the classic Benefit Brow Zam! Tips and Tricks booklet which explains how to use the product.










































I really like these booklets, as they help me work out how to get the best use from the product.  The left hand side of the booklet contains information on the product which mimics the details on the back of the outer packaging box.  The right hand side of the booklet states that the long bristles should be used first to evenly coat the brow hairs from root to tip.  It then states that the short bristle side should be used to sculpt and shape the hairs into place.  There is also a little tip stating that the precision angled tip of the wand can be stroked along the tail end of the brow for extra definition.

It’s actually really good to read the booklet tips again, as I realise now that I have been applying the brow gel the other way round: short bristle side first, followed by the long bristle side! Oops!! The good news is that even though I haven’t been using it exactly as advised, I have been loving the effect on my brows.  I have found that the shorter side really defines the brows, whilst the longer side helps to distribute the brow gel evenly and shapes the brows.  I suppose the results I have had from applying the product this way round matches the effect they mention in the Tips and Tricks booklet.  So no harm done! I think it will be fun to try it using it in the order that the booklet suggests, though, just to see if I notice any difference.

Stockists and Price

The Benefit Ready, Set, Brow! 24 Hour Setting Gel costs £18.50.  As mentioned above, it isn’t the cheapest brow gel but I really love it.  I could perhaps try some other brow gels and see if I can find a cheaper one but I might end up spending more money trying out different products just to find one I like just as much.  So I think I will stick with this brow gel right now.

The Ready, Set, Brow! is available from various retailers, including Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic and QVC.

Have you used the Ready, Set, Brow! gel? Any thoughts on this product? Or do you have any recommendations for any other clear brow gels that you think are worth trying out? Let me know in the comments section below.

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