Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss in Shade 26 Sparkling Hibiscus Pink









Around Autumn last year, Kiko launched their new range of lip glosses: the Hydra Lip Gloss, touted as a ‘softening lipgloss for shiny, plumped lips’.  I purchased shade 26 Sparkling Hibiscus Pink to try when they came out and love the glossiness, pigment and non-sticky nature of the formula.  I recently purchased shade 16 Iridescent Ruby and love it just as much (let me know if you would like to see a post on this shade too).  It’s been a while since I have written a Kiko post so I thought it was time to put a post together on this fabulous product!

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The Hydra Lip Glosses come in a long oval shaped tube, with the bottom section showing the colour inside and a metallic cap on top.  The plastic packaging feels light-weight but high-quality and durable in nature.  The colour section has the brand’s name written in black writing on the front and the Kiko logo embossed on the metallic cap.  I like the feature of being able to see the lipgloss shade through the tube, as it makes it so much easier to find when you are rummaging in your make-up collection/bag for a particular colour.

Kiko Hydra Lip Gloss in 26 Sparkling Hibiscus Pink (front of tube)








The back of the tube has a sticker with the shade number and the product name.

Kiko Hydra Lip Gloss in 26 Sparkling Hibiscus Pink (back of tube)








The lipgloss wand is attached to the metallic cap on top of the tube.  The wand is a really good length for applying the lip gloss as it is long enough to allow for good control during application, without being unwieldy and not too short.

Kiko Hydra Lip Gloss in 26 Sparkling Hibiscus Pink (tube at top; wand at bottom)














The applicator itself is a good size, in that it enables you to apply the gloss quickly to the lips and get into the corners.  It’s not so small that you have to go back again and again into the gloss to get an even application.  It’s also not so big that it makes it difficult to control the quantity of product being spread.  The applicator is soft yet still sturdy for lip gloss application, meaning that it doesn’t flop about or feel hard on the lips.

Kiko Hydra Lip Gloss in 26 Sparkling Hibiscus Pink (wand and applicator)










The Hydra Lip Glosses are marketed as having a soft, nourishing texture, which makes the lips ‘feel wonderful’ and leaves them ‘smooth’, ‘radiant’, ‘glossy’ and ‘volumised’.  The brand also states that the gloss is non-sticky and glides on to the lips effortlessly.  I really love the texture of this product so much.  I would agree that it glides onto the lips beautifully and is easy to blend out.  This gloss leaves the lips looking soft, shiny and full.  There isn’t any plumping action (like tingling or mint-iness) in the formula, which I like as it makes the lips feel full without making them sting.

The formula has a good consistency, in that it isn’t too thin or too thick on the lips.  The texture is really smooth and coats the lips evenly, which is particularly nice when using a shade with shimmery particles.  The gloss adheres well to the lips and feels comfortable, with no stickiness.  No chunkiness, stickiness, bunching up on the lips or sinking into lip lines here!

I haven’t tested the wear time of this gloss but I would say that it lasts a reasonable length of time.  I do re-apply it across the day but it isn’t a gloss that wears off quickly.

Shade Range

The Hydra Lip Glosses come in a choice of 30 shades and a variety of finishes, including sheer, highly pigmented, shine and pearl.  This particular post features 26 Sparkling Hibiscus Pink (a light-ish cyclamen-pink with multi-dimensional sparkles) but I also recently purchased shade 16 Iridescent Ruby.

Shade 26 Sparkling Hibiscus Pink looks really lovely, glossy and soft on the lips.  It’s got some pretty pinkness to it without being too bright or in your face.  The sparkles are very flattering as well in that they give the gloss extra radiance but they are micro-sized, rather than being huge and blingy.

I like combining this shade with coloured or smoky eyeshadow combinations as it gives a pretty twist on the traditional nude lip whilst still keeping things fairly natural.  It would also work well with nude eyeshadow combinations if you want a softer effect to your make-up.


Swatch of Kiko Hydra Lip Gloss in 26 Sparkling Hibiscus Pink
























Stockists and Price

The Kiko Hydra Lip Glosses can be found in Kiko stores or on Kiko online.  The Hydra Lip Glosses cost £7.90, come in a range of shades and are available in various finishes (as mentioned above).  Kiko often has special offers and money off discounts through the year, so it’s worth looking out for those if you want to save some money.

Have you tried this shade or any of the other Hydra Lip Glosses from Kiko? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments section below.

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