IT Cosmetics CC+ Vitality Brightening Creme Blush in Je Ne Sais Quoi














I recently read on FYI Beauty that Boots is now selling IT Cosmetics and so thought it was time for an IT Cosmetics post! QVCUK was the first company to launch IT Cosmetics in the UK and last year, I snapped up one of the sets containing the IT Cosmetics CC Creme Blush and the No 20 Heavenly Luxe Airbrush Blush Brush. 

The CC Blush in Je Ne Sais Quoi is one of my favourite products for when I want to make my face look really fresh and healthy with minimal effort.  It is also wonderful in summertime on days when you want just the lightest hint of make-up.

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The IT Cosmetics CC+ Blush comes in a light grey, square cardboard box.  The front of the box is grey with a holographic band along the top front section inscribed with the brand name.  The product name, product information and product weight are all noted on the front in black lettering.  The very top of the box is pink with the shade name ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’.  The compact contains net weight 0.148oz/4.2g worth of product.














The back of the box provides product information, directions for use and ingredients.  The back of the box states that the blusher has been “Developed with plastic surgeons and dermatologists” and that it has been “Clinically Tested”.  The box suggests that you “Swirl your favourite IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe brush into [the] compact and lightly sweep over the apples of your cheeks using upward motions for a youthful flush of colour”.  The box also states that the blusher is cruelty free.  I have had a look online and I can’t find out whether the blusher is vegan or if it is vegetarian.
















Blusher Compact

The blusher comes in a plastic, shiny silver round compact.  The compact is lightweight but not flimsy at all.  It feels good quality and sturdy in the hands.  The front of the compact provides the brand name and product information in black lettering.   There is a lip in the middle part of the compact which is used to open and close the compact.













The back of the compact gives the product name, shade name, weight and company website information.















The compact inside houses a large mirror on the inside of the lid and the blusher in the bottom section.  The mirror is a really good size, as it covers the whole of the inside top lid.  The bottom section has a gold band encasing the blusher.





















Product Information

The blusher is described as being a “…game-changing blush” which will “…instantly diffuse the look of imperfections and give your skin a youthful, lit-from-within glow”.  The site also states that the blusher “…looks like real skin with a beautiful flush of colour!”.


Texture, Blendability and Finish

This blusher is incredibly smooth, silky and dry in texture.  It isn’t dry as in making your skin look crepey or feel tight.  It just blends seamlessly into the skin, doesn’t feel tacky and stays in place beautifully.  The blusher feels almost cream to powder in texture, but without the powdery look that powders can sometimes have.  The finish reminds me a little of cheek tints in terms of the overall effect and blendability.  It looks strong in the compact but then blends in to a soft, believable cheek flush.

I find the blusher incredibly easy to apply and blend on to the face.  You can use a brush or your fingers to simply sweep the blush onto your cheeks and blend it in.  You can apply a little for a soft, natural glow or you can easily build it up for a stronger flush.

I would highly recommend trying this one out if you find cream blushers to be a little greasy.  This particular product dries down, locks in place and has no tackiness.  My skin is normal-oily, so I generally steer clear of cream blushers which have too much slip or feel tacky in the compact.  I prefer cream blushers which blend easily on to the cheeks, give a natural glow and don’t look greasy or too shiny.  

One of the features of this blusher is that it can be used over foundation, under powder or over powder.  I really like that you can use this blusher over different textures, without it going patchy.  I think it can be applied in that way due to the cream to powder texture.



The Vitality Brightening Creme Blush comes in two shades: ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ and ‘Naturally Pretty’.  Both shades were available on the QVC UK site and I selected Je Ne Sais Quoi, a beautiful, fresh looking pink.













This shade looks quite bright in the compact but don’t be put off; it sheers out and softens beautifully on the cheeks.  Je Ne Sais Quoi gives such a burst of healthy freshness to the cheeks; it’s the sort of flush you get from just stepping in from the cold or after a workout.  I love this blusher on days when I don’t want to wear any other make-up but I just want to add a little something.  It’s also lovely during summer for times when I want a very effortless, light make-up look.


Application Tips

The IT Cosmetics site recommends using the Heavenly Luxe Angled Radiance Creme Blush to apply the blusher to the cheeks.  The site suggests applying the blusher to the apples of the cheeks in circular, upward motions.  I got the Heavenly Luxe Brush (more on the brush below) as part of the set containing the blusher. 
















I think the brush is fantastic but I actually prefer to use it with powder blushers.  I find the bristles on this brush to be too long and floppy for picking up or applying cream blusher.  I find it quite difficult to swipe the colour from the compact onto the brush bristles and also find it tricky to blend it onto the face.  However, I love using this brush for applying powder blushers! This brush is especially good at making very pigmented and bright blushers look more natural and beautifully blended on the cheeks.

My favourite way of applying this blusher is to just swipe my fingers gently into the blusher, place a few dots on my cheeks and blend out with my fingers.  I find that using my fingers gives a really quick, easy and seamless application of the blusher.  I do sometimes like to use my Real Techniques Stippling Brush to apply the blusher as well.  I lightly stipple the brush into the blusher compact (I hold the brush vertically and gently bounce it into the product) and then gently stipple it on to my cheeks.














Stockists and Price

The IT Cosmetics Vitality Creme Blush is available in the UK from Boots, QVC UK, Selfridges and IT Cosmetics UK.  I just read recently (on FYIBeauty) that Boots is now stocking IT Cosmetics! Very exciting!  The blusher is available to purchase on its own for £21, or you can purchase it from QVC UK as a set with Heavenly Luxe Airbrush Blush Brush (also called the Angled Radiance Brush) for £29.

Have you tried the IT Cosmetics Vitality Creme Blush? What do you think of this product? Any other products you would recommend trying from IT Cosmetics? Let me know in the comments section below.

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