Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet And Dry Face & Eye Palette


Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette













Last week, I was browsing in Debenhams and picked up the Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette.  The palette didn’t really stand out to me online but in person, it looked so beautiful! I’ve been playing around with it and think it is amazing!

I love the versatility, scent and glowy, wide-awake look that this palette gives to the eyes, cheeks and face.  The palette also looks – and feels – so luxurious, special and classy, making it a real treat to use.

I think that the Too Faced Sugar Sweet Palette is definitely worth a look if you want a daily palette to make your whole face quickly appear brighter, glowy and healthy!

Outer Packaging

The palette comes in a smallish, rectangular shaped box.  The box has a really beautiful colour scheme, in that it flits from shiny gold, peach and pink, depending on how it catches the light.  The box also has gold etching around the edges.  The colour scheme of the box really captures the whole concept of the warm, healthy, highlighted glow that you can achieve from the palette.

Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette (front of outer box)




















The front of the box (as shown above) has the brand name and product name printed in pink, gold and purplish lettering.  The ‘Sugar Peach’ title is printed inside a gold and peach coloured peach on the middle of the box.  The box states that the palette can be used ‘”Wet and dry”‘, that it is for “Face&Eye[s]” and that it is “Infused With Peach And Sweet Fig Milk”.

The back of the box provides the brand name, hashtag for the Peaches and Cream range (#TFPeachesandCream), the palette contents and the net weight of the products. 

Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette (back of outer box)


















The powders inside can be used in any way you like but for the purposes of the box, it states that the palette contains 2 Highlighters with a net weight each of 5g/0.17oz and 2 Blushers with a net weight each of 5g/0.17oz.


The sides of the box provide the ingredients list for the products included in the palette (click on the photos to see a close-up of the ingredients lists).

Ingredients List for Peach Pearl and Peach Pop from the Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette








Ingredients list for Sugared Peach and Peach Honey from the Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette








Palette Packaging

The Sugar Peach Palette comes in a smallish, rectangular shaped compact with rounded edges.  The palette feels sturdy and has a good weight to it, without being unwieldy.

Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette (top of palette)










The front of the palette (as shown above) is a pale, pink-peach colour with gold, pink and purple lettering.  The brand name and product name are printed on the front, along with a star and peach design.  There is a little clasp on the front with two peaches which you clip up and down to open the palette. 

The back of the palette, along with the edges, is a shiny, gold colour.  There is a label on the back of the palette providing information on the palette contents, palette scent and weight.

Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette (back of palette)












The palette looks – and feels – so luxurious, sophisticated, special and classy.  It almost reminds me of a small, clutch purse that you might use for a special occasion.  The peach open/close clasp feature is a beautiful touch and reminds me so much of the purses I used to love as a child.  There’s something really lovely about using make-up which makes you feel like you are indulging in something special, even if it is just for a few moments.

The open palette contains a large mirror in the top section and the powders in the bottom section.  The mirror is a good size, as it covers the whole of the top lid.  The powders are a really good size and have an individual net weight relatively similar to other individual blushers and highlighters on the market.  It’s great that the powders are well sized, as it means you can use them for the face – as well as the eyes – without worrying that they will run out really quickly.

Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette (opened)

















Palette Claims

The box provides information on the concept behind the palette and how it can be used.

The blurb states “Experience the ultimate warm, healthy glow with this peach of a highlighting palette.  These 4 pearlescent powders deliver one-swipe payoff, seamless wear and treat your face to new levels of radiant dimension.  Use this palette wet or dry to create limitless looks – dry for a soft glow and wet for an intensified, luminous finish”.


Palette Contents

The palette contains four powders: Peach Pearl, Sugared Peach, Peach Honey and Peach Pop.

Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette Shades: Peach Pearl and Sugared Peach (top row); Peach Honey and Peach Pop (bottom row)












Peach Pearl is a shimmery, champagne-beige shade.  This shade works well on me as a highlighter or eyeshadow, as my skin is relatively light (I wear Fairly Light in Bare Minerals Original Foundation and 2.0 in Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation).  I love using Peach Pearl on the tops of the cheekbones, lids, inner corners of the eyes, browbones, bridge of the nose and forehead area.  When used dry, Peach Pearl gives a beautiful, natural, glowy radiance to the face and eyes.  When used wet, Peach Pearl gives a real shot of brightness to the eyes and face.  

Peach Honey is a deeper shimmery peachy-bronze, so that shade works well for me either as a bronzer, blusher, cheek brightener or as an eyeshadow.  I can imagine it potentially being a really pretty highlight on someone with a darker skintone. 

Sugared Peach is a peachy-coral shade with little gold flecks.  This shade has less shimmer than the other shades, meaning that it works well on me as an eyeshadow or a blusher. 

Peach Pop is a gorgeous, shimmery peachy-pink shot through with gold.  This shade is one of my favourites in the palette and works well on my skintone as a blusher or eyeshadow.

I’ve given some suggestions for how the shades work well on me, based on my skin tone.  Remember, though, that you might find other ways to wear them based on your preferences and your skin tone.



The box states that the palette can be used in a variety of different ways to give the face ‘radiant dimension’.  I’ve played about with using the different shades on my eyes, cheeks, cupids box, nose, browbones and forehead and they really do work well across the board. 

All shades work well as eyeshadows and you can experiment with all shades to highlight or add warmth to other parts of the face.  There is a little ‘How-To Glamour Guide’ provided with the palette (more on that below) which gives you ideas on how to use the palette.

The palette can also be used wet or dry.  The powders are meant to give a soft glow when applied dry and an intensified, luminous finish when applied wet.  When applied dry, I find that the powders give the face and eyes a beautiful, natural radiance which looks very soft and healthy.  I spritzed my brush with Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray before applying Peach Pearl as an eyeshadow and it really did give an intensified, bright and more wide-awake effect to the eyes.  I can imagine the other shades looking just as beautiful when they are applied damp on the eyes or elsewhere on the face.


Palette Scent

As with the other Too Faced Peaches and Cream products, the Sugar Peach Palette is advertised as being “Infused With Peach and Sweet Fig Milk”.  The Sugar Peach Palette has a flowery peach scent with hints of vanilla.  I’m not sure what figs smell like so I can’t say whether it   The palette has the same scent as the Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow Palette and the Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Long Wear Lipsticks (the two products I own from the range). 

I really like the scent and find it to be quite pleasant, fresh and not over-bearing.  I find the scent very uplifting and it’s a really lovely treat when I am applying my make-up in the mornings.  I can smell the peach scent when opening the palette and applying the powders to my face and eyes.  I don’t really smell the scent across the day while wearing the products.  If you are sensitive to scented products and don’t like them, then this palette might not be the best choice for you.  

If you are unsure about the scent, it’s worth looking at the palette in person (if you can) or seeing if you can smell any of the other Peaches and Cream products to see if you like it. 

It’s worth noting that the palette smells different from the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette, which has more of a sweeter, candy-like peach scent to it.  I would suggest smelling the other products from the Peaches and Cream range (primer, foundation, blushers, highlighters, bronzers, lipsticks, smaller eye palettes) to give you a better idea of the Sugar Peach Palette scent.



Swatches from left to right: Peach Pearl, Sugared Peach, Peach Honey, Peach Pop










‘How-To Glamour Guide’

The palette includes a little guide providing ideas on how you can use the palette.  I really like the guide, as it gives you a feel for the palette and the various ways you can use the products.

Front of How-To Glamour Guide with the Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette
















Back of How-To Glamour Guide with the Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette















There are four look ideas showcasing different ways all four shades can be used to highlight, add radiance, warmth and colour to the face, cheeks, eyes, nose, browbones and forehead.

How-To Glamour Guide Looks: Peaches and Honey; Pop of Peach







How-To Glamour Guide Looks: Son of a Peach and Peachy Keen, Jelly Bean







Stockists and Price

The Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette costs £34.  Too Faced is available in the UK from Debenhams, Cult Beauty and Selfridges.

Have you tried the Too Faced Sugar Peach Wet and Dry Face & Eye Palette? Have you tried any of the other products in the Too Faced Peaches and Cream collection? Let me know in the comments section below.


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