Kiko Arctic Holiday 2017 Collection: Baked Blushes
















Kiko recently launched their Holiday 2017 Collection, titled ‘Arctic Holiday’ and includes three baked blushes.  I couldn’t resist picking up two of the blushes as they were soooo pretty.  The products themselves, the packaging and the outer box are so beautifully presented and look lovely.  I think these blushes would make wonderful gifts for any make-up lover or as a special treat for yourself.

Outer Packaging

The blushes come packaged in gold, holographic effect boxes with white etching.  The boxes look so pretty when they catch the light due to the holographic effect.  The front of the boxes have dark silver writing stating ‘Kiko Milano’, ‘Arctic Holiday Baked Blush’ and the product volume (8g/0.28oz).










The top of the boxes has the shade number and name, whilst the ingredients list is at the very base.  The backs of the boxes state that they contain a ‘baked blush with a metallic finish and a scent of ginger and spices, easy to blend’.










The blushes come beautifully presented in a little light silver, drawstring pouch with ‘Kiko Milano’ written in white writing.  The pouch a really lovely touch and make the blush look extra special – particularly nice if you are giving it as a present to someone.  The pouch is a reasonable size so I think it could be used to hold other powder, blusher or eyeshadow compacts.














The blushes come in silver packaging, with a shiny metallic silver top and a matte lighter silver base.  The product has a nice weight and shape to it; lightweight, not flimsy and easy to hold.








The bases of the blushes have the product name, shade number and shade name printed in white lettering.  Information on product weight (8g/0.28oz) is also printed on the base.









The blushes have a mirror in the top lid and the product in the base.  The mirror is quite a nice feature, as it makes the product more travel friendly.  I can imagine throwing a mini make-up brush in the pouch, along with the blusher, when I am out for the day and want to top up my blusher.

Kiko Baked Blushes in 02 Dreaming Coral (left) and 01 Marmoreal Biscuit (right)













Kiko Baked Blushes in 02 Dreaming Coral














Shades and Swatches

I picked up two out of the three baked blushers available in store: 01 Marmoreal Biscuit and 02 Dreaming Coral.  There was a third shade, 03 Dangerous Cherry available as well which was really pretty (a deep berry pink).   I think shade 03 would look particularly beautiful on medium or darker skin tones.

Kiko Baked Blushes in 02 Dreaming Coral (left) and 01 Marmoreal Biscuit (right)











01 Marmoreal Biscuit is a muted, glowy peachy-beige-coral shade.  I think this shade is particularly wearable as it is quite subtle, while still giving cheeks a pretty glow.  I can imagine Marmoreal Biscuit working with soooo many types of looks, from smokey eye combinations to subtle, soft looks.

Kiko Baked Blush in 01 Marmoreal Biscuit














02 Dreaming Coral is a glowy golden-pink shade.  This shade is slightly stronger than Marmoreal Biscuit and more pinky-gold in tone, whilst the former has more peach and beige to it.  I really love this shade as it makes the cheeks look so radiant and fresh.  The gold notes to the pink also give the product such a lovely glow and add extra dimension to the cheeks.

Kiko Baked Blush in 02 Dreaming Coral














Here are swatches of the two blushes:

Swatches of 02 Dreaming Coral (top); 01 Marmoreal Biscuit (bottom)











Texture and Fragrance

The blushes are marketed as being ‘metallic’ but I find that the effect is very soft and glowy, rather than metallic, in real life.  Both blushes have a really smooth, baked texture which allows the product to be picked up easily on a brush and to glide on smoothly on to cheeks.  The baked texture means that you can wear these blushes for a very soft, subtle glow or you can build them up for a little more impact.  Dreaming Coral has a little more sheen to it than Marmoreal Biscuit, so you might prefer the latter if you prefer a softer effect on your cheeks. 

The blushes are meant to be fragranced with ‘ginger and spices’.  I can smell a slightly spicy smell when I apply the blusher to my cheeks but the scent disappears very quickly.  I don’t smell it at all when I am wearing it on my cheeks.  The scent is really quite faint even on application and doesn’t linger (which might be preferable if you aren’t a fan of scents in your make-up products).

Stockists and Price

If you like these blushes, then I would recommend picking them up quickly as they are limited edition.  The baked blushes are available in store and online from Kiko.

The blushes are more expensive than Kiko’s usual products and cost £16.90.  The cost is possibly higher given the fancier packaging for these products.  However, I think you get a good amount of product for the price and they are presented beautifully.

Have you tried the baked blushes from Kiko as part of the ‘Arctic Holiday 2017’ Collection? Or any of the other products in the collection? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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