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Debenhams recently launched the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette online and I just couldn’t resist getting it.  I don’t have any of the other Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes but this one really appealed to me.   The palette is filled with a mixture of brightly coloured and neutral metallic eyeshadows, as well as some matte shades for blending.  It just looks soooo beautiful and it smells incredible too!

Looking for combination ideas using the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette? Click here to see posts on the site using this palette!


The Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette comes in a deep chocolate brown box with a gold splash design across the front.  The front of the box has little indents which mimic chocolate bar pieces.  Black, pale lilac and gold lettering adorn the box front. 

The front says that the palette is a ‘metallic/matte eyeshadow palette made with 100% natural cocoa powder and real gold’.  It’s funny thinking that the palette has real gold in it.  The cocoa powder aspect is a feature of all of the Too Faced chocolate products and provides a decadent chocolate scent (more on that below).










The back of the box provides a picture laying out the design of the palette inside, along with shades and shade names.  The side of the picture states that the palette contains ‘…foiled shadows that are created with real gold for an epic high shine finish that’s paired with rich, seductive mattes…’.  The box states that the palette contains 14 eyeshadows which are 0.80g/0.03oz (total net weight of 11.2g/0.42oz) and 2 eyeshadows which are 1.80g/0.06oz (total net weight 3.6g/0.12oz).  The ingredients list is noted on the box as well.











The palette itself comes in a design mirroring the outer packaging.  The palette looks like a long, rectangular dark bar of chocolate (yum!) with metallic gold splashed across the left hand side.  The dark brown chocolate design has little indents to make it look like there are little pieces of chocolate on the front.  The brand name is etched in gold on the gold splash side, whilst the palette name is written in lilac and gold on the dark brown side.

















The back of the palette is dark brown with a dark brown label and a golden border.  Details are written on the back in lilac and gold, mirroring style elsewhere.  The back has similar information to the outer box, including palette contents, number of eyeshadows and weight.










The inside of the palette lid has a large mirror covering the whole of the surface, apart from the ‘Too Faced’ writing at the top.  The palette has a little lip for opening and makes a secure ‘click’ fastening sound upon closing.  It feels sturdy and has a reasonable weight to it, without being too heavy. 














The palette contains 16 eyeshadows, fourteen which are chocolate bar piece sized and two which are larger (Chocolate Gold and Rollin’ In Dough).  The eyeshadows are marketed as being ‘metallic’, ‘foiled’ and with a ‘high shine finish’, alongside ‘rich, seductive mattes’.  They are also described as having a ‘…soft, velvety texture with full coverage payoff’.









I absolutely LOVE the eyeshadows in this palette, in terms of the colour selection, texture and payoff.  I really enjoy metallic eyeshadows and think there is a beautiful range of shades in the palette.  There is a real mix of warmer and cooler neutral metallics, gold and copper metallics and colourful metallics.  There is enough diversity which allows me to play with colour and have some real ‘pops’ of colour in my look, whilst being able to put together more neutral but still fun combinations.  The metallic shades can be combined or you can use just one shade on the lid (perhaps also with a matte in the crease) for a beautiful – and simple – look.


Left side of palette: Money Bags, Chocolate Gold (top row), Love&Cocoa, Old Money, New Money (middle row), Holla For A Dolla, Gold Dipped, Livin’ Lavish (bottom row)














Right Side of Palette: Rich Girl, Cocoa Truffle, Decadent (top row), Famous, Classy & Sassy, So Boujee (middle row), Drippin’ Diamonds, Rollin’ in Dough (bottom row)















I really love that the palette contains four matte eyeshadows: one light nude-brown, one medium brown, one black and one cream shade.  The finish and shades included enable you to create a cohesive look when using the metallic shades elsewhere on your eye.  ‘So Boujee’ is amazing in the crease to add some depth alongside a metallic shade on the lid, as well as being fantastic for blending out ‘Cocoa Truffle’ or ‘Decadent’ in the crease.  ‘Cocoa Truffle’ and ‘Decadent’ can both be used in the crease to add some depth, on the lid for a matte look or even as eyeliners.  ‘Rollin’ in Dough’ is a fantastic shade for highlighting the browbone or even using on the lid.  I really like that ‘Rollin’ in Dough’ comes in a larger size, as I find the highlighter shade is often the one that I go through more quickly.


The palette is described as having a ‘decadent chocolate scent’ and it does indeed smell amazing! I was very unsure about whether I would like the scent or if I would find it overwhelming as I don’t have much experience with using scented make-up (apart from with the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette, which I LOVE!!).  However, I just love the scent of this palette and find it so uplifting whenever I open it to use the shades.  There is something very warm, comforting and delicious about the scent and it feels like a real treat every time I use it. 

The good thing about the palette is that the scent doesn’t linger or waft from your eyelids when you wear it across the day, as I think I might have found that a bit bothersome.  You smell the palette upon opening, when you apply the shadows and a little afterwards but then the scent quickly fades.  So it is short and sweet, without being overwhelming.  The scent is worth taking into account, though, if you are someone who is bothered by or sensitive to scented make-up.

Palette Leaflet

The palette comes with a little ‘How-To Glamour Guide’ containing suggestions for three different eyeshadow combinations.  I think having some look suggestions is a really nice touch, as sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when you get a new palette.  I haven’t tried out the combinations from the guide yet (I’ve been playing around with it myself) but I think they look really pretty.





































Left to Right (left hand side of the palette): Money Bags, Chocolate Gold, Love & Cocoa, Old Money, New Money, Holla For A Dolla, Gold Dipped, Livin’ Lavish



Left to Right (right hand side of palette): Rich Girl, Cocoa Truffle, Decadent, Famous, Classy & Sassy, So Boujee, Drippin’ Diamonds, Rollin’ in Dough










Stockists and Price

The Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette costs £39 is currently available in the UK from Debenhams and Cult Beauty.  

Eyeshadow Combination Ideas

I’ve been playing about with the eyeshadow palette these past couple of months and have been enjoying coming up with some fun looks.  Click here to view looks using this palette!

What are your thoughts on the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette? Have you tried any of the other products from the Chocolate Gold collection? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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