Kiko Metal Fusion Blush in 05 Outrageous Tangerine




















A couple of weeks ago, I posted a sneak peek of products I picked up from a recent trip to Kiko (click here to see the post).  I picked up one of the new blushers from the limited edition ‘Metal Fusion’ collection in the shade 05 Outrageous Tangerine.  I am glad I got this blusher as it looks so beautiful and glowy on the cheeks!  


‘Metal Fusion’ Collection

Metallic finish make-up is huge right now and Kiko has come out with this limited edition collection to pay homage to the trend.  The range includes blushes (four shades), highlighting drops (three shades) powder highlighters (four shades) and Water Eyeshadows (three shades). 

Some of the products in the collection are limited edition.  I haven’t seen the blushes, highlighting drops or the powder highlighter in Unicorn before.  However, the Water Eyeshadows and three of the Glow Fusion Powder Highlighters are part of the permanent Kiko make-up range, so you might well have already seen these products before.

If you are interested in reading more about the Water Eyeshadows, I have written about this particular product before here (I have four shades). 

I also have one of the Glow Fusion Powder Highlighters (in the shade 01 Brilliant Champagne) and am hoping to put a post up on this product soon.  Keep an eye out for this post!

But for now…on to the Metal Fusion Blush!!!!



The metal fusion blushes come packaged in the classic Kiko square plastic compact with rounded edges.  The compact packaging is metallic rose-gold rather than Kiko’s classic metallic silver.  The front of the compact has the Kiko logo on the front and ‘Kiko’ in white letters at the lip opening.  The compact feels really smooth and (I think) looks very chic.  The compact fits nicely in the palm of my hand and feels sturdy, yet still light-weight.













The back of the palette has the shade number, product name and product weight (3.5g/net weight 0.12oz).














The blush compact contains a large mirror on the underside of the top lid and the blush in the bottom section.  The mirror is a really good size, as it pretty much covers the whole inside part of the lid surface.  The blush has the Kiko logo inscribed into it.


















The Metal Fusion blushers are advertised as being buildable and with a metallic finish.  The Kiko site states that the blushes have a “…melting texture with a silky touch on the skin” and that they are “Highly blendable and smooth-gliding…”.  The site also states that the blushes have a mix of pearls and pigments which provide a “…shimmering metallic finish, which increases the radiance and ensures instant colour release”.

I think that the product blurb is pretty accurate, as the blush I picked up is incredibly pigmented, silky, smooth, metallic and glowy.

One thing I noticed straightaway is that the blush I have is extremely pigmented.  I used the Kiko Face 08 Precision Powder Brush (a fluffy, tapered, medium sized brush) as I wasn’t sure how strong the blusher would be and I felt a fluffier brush would be a good idea for the first use.  I’m really glad I did that as I found the colour to be very pigmented even from using just a very small amount of product.  Very little gave me a good colour payoff on my cheeks.  I have since tried the blush with the MAC 168 brush (a slightly smaller, more densely packed, slanted cheek brush) and felt using a smaller brush gave me a little more control but still a buildable and glowy effect on the cheeks.

The blusher is easy to blend out but I think it is worth noting that less is definitely more with this product (unless you prefer a stronger effect on the cheeks).  It’s worth applying a little at first seeing whether you want more impact, as I find that it’s always easier to add colour than tone it down.

I find the blush to be buildable and very smooth in texture.  I apply it fairly lightly, which I think is key to getting a more wearable and glowy effect from this blush.  The blush does have a metallic finish but it looks pretty and glowy on the cheek when you use less, rather than overly shimmery and too metal-like.    I think if you apply more you will likely get a greater metallic effect.  The ability to build up the blush to get the effect you want is a real plus point for me, as it enables you to use one product to create different types of cheek effects.



There are six shades available in the Metal Fusion Blush range, including pinks, oranges, mauves and berries.  I swatched the other shades and found that shade 05 Outrageous Tangerine appealed to me the most.  The other shades were really beautiful too but were a little too metallic or bold for my personal taste.  I was also buying a few other products from Kiko that day and so I didn’t want to buy too much.  Perhaps I will go back and take another look to see if the other ones appeal a bit more now I have tried out the product.

05 Outrageous Tangerine is a bold metallic, medium tangerine-coral shade with very slight peachy-pink undertones.

Metal Fusion Blush in 05 Outrageous Tangerine













In the compact, the blush looks very vivid and metallic in finish.  On the cheeks, though, it gives such a beautiful, fresh glow and is a lot more wearable than it perhaps looks at first glance.  I really like wearing it on days when I want to add a little extra glow or brightness to my look.  As I mentioned above, you can sweep it on for more impact or really blend it in for a soft, glowy look (I’ve shown a stronger swatch and a slightly blended out swatch below to give you an idea).



Stronger swatch of 05 Outrageous Tangerine

Slightly blended out swatch of 05 Outrageous Tangerine












Stockists and Price

The Kiko ‘Metal Fusion Blushes’ cost £9.90 and are available from Kiko stores and online.  Kiko sometimes reduces their limited edition ranges in store when they have been out for a while, so you might be able to save some money if you don’t mind waiting (and if you know they still have it in stock).

What are your thoughts on the Kiko ‘Metal Fusion Blushes’ and the rest of the collection? Do you have any of the ‘Metal Fusion Blushes’ or any of the other products in the collection? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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