Face of the Day: Adapted ‘Son of a Peach’ Look (Using The Too Faced Sugar Peach Palette)













Last week, I uploaded a post featuring the new Too Faced Sugar Peach Palette (you can see the post here).  I’ve been enjoying using the palette and trying the shades out in different ways.

For the look above, I used the ‘How to Glamour Guide’ that came with the palette and followed the steps for the ‘Son of a Peach’ look.  I adapted the look slightly to suit my own make-up style and preferences.

I think that this look can go with so many different types of lip colours.  I used the Too Faced Peach Kiss Lipstick in Breakfast Club, which is a vibrant, orange-red shade, in the photos above.  Click here to read more and see swatches of the Peach Kiss Lipsticks!

Click on ‘Read More’ to find out the steps suggested in the Glamour Guide and the small tweaks I made to the look.

Click here to read my article ‘Parts of the Eye’ for help on where to place eyeshadow colours.


Too Faced How-To Glamour Guide Look: Son of a Peach

The guide suggests the following steps for this look (I have summarised them below):

1. Use Peach Pearl to highlight above brows, cheekbones, bridge of nose and cupid’s box.

2. Use Peach Honey to sculpt the forehead and crease of the eye.

3. Apply Peach Pearl wet on the eyelids.

4. Apply Peach Pop onto the apples of the cheeks and blend upwards.


My Adaptations to the ‘Son of a Peach’ Look

I followed the steps in a different order, as I prefer to apply my eyeshadow before my face make-up and highlighter after blusher.  I followed steps 2 and 3 first, part of 1, 4 and then I went back to step 1. 

I also added in a couple of extra parts to the look as I felt it would work better for me that way.  It’s fun to experiment and try out new spins on looks!


My Version of the Look

1. I applied Peach Honey to the crease of my eye using a crease/blender brush (MAC 217).  My crease looks less well-defined compared to the photo in the Glamour Guide as I blended it out a bit more.  If you use a denser brush or apply the shade to the crease using the tips of a brush, you can get a more defined look in your crease.  I chose to skip the step of sculpting my forehead with Peach Honey, as I don’t normally contour that area.

2. I spritzed my brush (MAC 239) with Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray and applied Peach Pearl wet to my lids.

3. I used a flat shader brush (MAC 239) to apply a little of MAC Folie (a matte medium brown) into the outer v of the eye.  I felt like the look needed a little extra definition in the outer part of the eye.

3. I used MAC Shroom (instead of Peach Pearl) to highlight my browbones, as I didn’t want the look to be too shimmery.  Shroom has a slight sheen to it but it is softer than Peach Pearl.

4. I applied Peach Pop to my cheeks as a blusher using an angled blusher brush (MAC 168).

5. I used Peach Pearl to highlight the tops of my cheekbones, bridge of my nose and my cupid’s bow.

6. I added in some liner along my upper lashline and my lower lashline, as I felt the extra definition would make my eyes stand out more.  I used an angled eyeliner brush (MAC 266) and applied Tempting eyeshadow (from the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette) along the upper lashline.  I used the same brush and applied Peach Honey along the lower lashline.

Here are some close-ups of the eyes:






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