The Chocolate Series (Updated!)


Blueberry Chocolate

Caramel Chocolate

Mint Chocolate






Plum Chocolate

Cherry Chocolate







I put together The Chocolate Series back in 2015 to show how experimenting with a different lid colour could easily change up an existing look.  I thought it would be fun to re-do the series by updating the close-up of eye photos, adding in full face photos and giving suggestions for cheek and lip colours for each look. 

This post provides a short summary of each look and two face photos for each combination.  You can also click on the links for each look to view more details on how to re-create that particular look and see what cheek and lip products I used.

For all looks, I used medium and deep chocolate browns in the crease, a pale pink-nude to highlight and the same application technique.  I used the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette to create these looks but you can use any brand of eyeshadow you like which has similar shades.

If you are interested in how these combinations look on other people, then I’d recommend taking a look at @shinebridabeauty on Instagram! @shinebridabeauty tagged me to show she was inspired by The Chocolate Series and re-created the looks on her Instagram page.  It’s so wonderful to see the combinations on someone else.  @shinebridabeauty also uses different products, which that you don’t need the same items to re-create a look.  She also came up with her own extra Chocolate look – Coconut Chocolate – so look out for that one on her Instagram page!

Click here to read my article ‘Parts of the Eye’ for help on where to place eyeshadow colours.

Click on any of the links below if you want to get more details on shades used and how to create the looks.

Look 1: Blueberry Chocolate

For this look, I used shimmery, bright jewel blue on the lid for a pretty flash of colour.

Blueberry Chocolate (full face)

Blueberry Chocolate (full face)











Look 2: Caramel Chocolate

For this look, I used an amber-caramel eyeshadow on the lid to create a warm, soft effect on the eyes.

Caramel Chocolate (full face)

Caramel Chocolate (full face)










Look 3: Mint Chocolate

For this look, I used a bright jewel green eyeshadow on the lid to create a jewelled emerald effect on the eyes.

Mint Chocolate (full face)

Mint Chocolate (full face)











Look 4: Plum Chocolate

For this look, I used a deep purple eyeshadow on the lid to create a jewelled effect on the eyes.

Plum Chocolate (full face)

Plum Chocolate (full face)











Look 5: Cherry Chocolate

For this look, I used a bright cherry-cranberry eyeshadow on the lid to create a warm cranberry effect on the eyes.

Cherry Chocolate (full face)

Cherry Chocolate (full face)











Try experimenting with different colours on the lid and see what other variations you can come up with!

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