Rainbow Series: Rainbow Eyes


Rainbow Eyes

Rainbow Eyes








From this week, I’m starting the ‘Rainbow Series’, which will include looks based around each of the colours of the rainbow.  I’ve come up with the series as a way for me to experiment with colour and encourage my creativity.  Each combination will have a colour of the rainbow on the lid to form the basis for the look.  For example, the first look will be centred around red on the lid, the next will have orange on the lid, the next yellow on the lid and so on.

For each combination, I’ll be providing close-up photos of the eyes and full face shots so you can see how the look comes together.  I’ll also be listing the cheek and lip colours I have used for each combination so you can get ideas for how to complement the looks.  You will be able to find all of the looks here.

Today’s look kicks of the series by utilising all the colours in the rainbow.  I’ve never tried a rainbow effect combination, so I thought it would be a fun way to start the series.  As with the other looks, you can click ‘Read More’ in this post to see how to re-create the look, view the full face shots and cheek/lip products for complementing the look.

Tip: I’m using the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette for all of the looks but you can substitute in eyeshadows from any brand.  The NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in ‘Brights’ is a great dupe for the Urban Decay Full Spectrum and cheaper (£16 instead of £43).  You can view the NYX Palette here.

Click here to read my article ‘Parts of the Eye’ for help on where to place eyeshadow colours.


Base: Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer in White (matte white)
Outer Lid/Outer V: Urban Decay Blindsided eyeshadow (bright satin turquoise)
Lid: Urban Decay Jones eyeshadow (medium pearly golden-tangerine)
Blend Between Lid and Outer Lid: Urban Decay Hatter eyeshadow (medium satin bright grassy green)
Inner Corners: Urban Decay Calavera eyeshadow (satin bright canary yellow)
Crease: Urban Decay Seize eyeshadow (medium-deep satin coral-red)
Highlight: MAC Blanc Type eyeshadow (light matte cream beige)
Upper Lashline: Urban Decay Minx eyeshadow (deep satin indigo)
Lower Lashline: Urban Decay Sketch eyeshadow (deep satin violet-purple) and Urban Decay Calavera eyeshadow (as above)
Black mascara (upper and lower lashes)


1. Apply Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer all over the lid as a base. You can either use your fingers or a flat synthetic brush (e.g. MAC 242).

2. Take a flat shader brush (e.g. MAC 272) and pat Blindsided on to the outer part of the lid.  Pull the colour very slightly up to the crease to create a ‘v’ shape to the eye.

3. Take a flat shader brush (e.g. MAC 239) and pat Jones on to the lid.

4. Take a flat shader brush (e.g. MAC 239, MAC 228) and lightly pat Hatter on the edges of where Jones and Blindsided meet.  This step helps Jones and Blindsided blend together more effectively, whilst also adding a fun pop of green to the look.

5. Take the same flat shader brush (e.g. MAC 239, MAC 228) and pat Calavera on to the inner part of the lid.

6. Take Seize on to a crease/blender brush (e.g. MAC 217, MAC 226).  Use the tip of the brush in the crease to blend out the edges of Blindsided.  Apply only a little product so that you don’t blend Blindsided out too much and so that Seize stays quite soft.

7. Using a crease/blender brush (e.g. MAC 217) or a pointed crease brush (e.g. MAC 226), sweep Blanc Type on to the browbone to highlight.

8. Take an angled eyeliner brush (e.g. MAC 266) and apply Minx along the upper lashline.  This step adds some soft definition to the eyes.

9. Take an eyeliner brush (e.g. MAC 266) and apply Sketch to the lower lashline.  Take the same brush and pat Calavera on to the inner part of the lower lashline to tie in with the upper part of the eye.

10. Apply plenty of black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Here’s another close-up of the eyes:

Rainbow Eyes












Here are some full face photos to show how the whole look comes together:

Rainbow Eyes (full face)













Rainbow Eyes (full face)













To complement the look: I used Kiko Baked Blush in Marmoreal Biscuit (you can read more about this product here), Kiko Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter in 01 Champagne (you can read more about this product here) to highlight the cheekbones and MAC Cream Sheen Lipstick in Fanfare on the lips.

Next up: Red Rainbow! Keep a look out for the next installment in my new Rainbow Series!

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