New Bird Looks Series!


Photo from Pexel (free photo site)

Photo from Pexel (free photo site)







I was looking for some make-up look inspiration and thought it would be really fun to start a bird inspired series.  I have a real love for birds, as my family has kept different types of birds over the years.  Birds come in such a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes, so there will be lots to choose from for my looks.  I think the variety will make for some really interesting and fun make-up looks!

For each combination, I’ll be providing close-up photos of the eyes and full face shots so you can see how the look comes together.  The cheek and lip colours will be listed for each combination so you can get ideas for how to complement the looks.  I’ll also include a photo of the bird so you can see the inspiration behind each look.

I will be using a range of eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadow singles for this series.  I had originally planned to use the new NYX Swear By IT Eyeshadow Palette for the whole series, as it contains an incredible array of colours.  However, since starting the series, I’ve found that there are shades that I can’t find in the palette as the bird colour schemes have been so diverse.  It has been more effective using whichever palette or eyeshadow single(s) fit with a particular look.

Let me know if there are any particular birds you would love to see in a look! I am planning on creating a variety of different looks, so happy to hear any of your suggestions!

You can find all the posts in the series here or under Eyeshadow Combo Ideas/Bird Inspired Series on the menu bar.

Note: As referenced above, the photos used in this post were taken from Pexels (  Pexels provides free photos for commercial and non-commercial use.

I hope you enjoy the series!

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