The Cosmetics Company Store: MAC Goodies!



Left to Right: MAC Huggable Glass in ‘Love Buzz’, MAC Dazzleshadow in ‘Can’t Stop, ‘Won’t Stop’, MAC Eyeshadow Pot in ‘Wow Factor’, MAC Dazzleshadow in ‘Say It Isn’t So’, MAC Paintpot in ‘Nice Composure’











I visited the Livingston Designer Retail Outlet a couple of weeks ago and was incredibly excited to see that there is now a ‘Cosmetic Company Store’ there!!! If you live in the USA, you may have seen The Cosmetic Company Stores.  This store is the first of its kind in Scotland (yaaaaay!) and so I was thrilled to see there is now one within driving distance for me.

The CCS sells premium brand make-up at reduced prices.  The brands that I spotted on my visit were MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Smashbox and Bumble and Bumble.   The products are genuine and there is nothing wrong with them.  They tend to be those from limited edition ranges, surplus stock from existing ranges and shades which are being phased out by the make-up brands.

I picked up five different MAC goodies while I was in the store (read on to see what I picked up).  I think I may have to go back in a few months again and see what new stock they have in!!

MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pot in ‘Nice Composure’

MAC paint pots are a real favourite of mine and so I was super excited to see that they had some in stock! I don’t have a true grey paint pot in my collection and so I couldn’t resist picking this one up.  I think it will look amazing under my silver, charcoal and blue eyeshadows.  I can imagine it looking beautiful under pink and purple eyeshadows as well.  This paintpot cost £11.25 (RRP £16).


MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pot in Nice Composure (top)














Pic 3

MAC Prolong Wear Paint Pot in Nice Composure (underside)














MAC Dazzleshadow in ‘Can’t Stop, Don’t Stop’

Dazzleshadows came out in Summer 2015 as part of MAC’s ‘Le Disko’ collection.  I really liked them but they were a bit pricey, so I didn’t get any at the time.  If you like the look of the Dazzleshadows mentioned here (see also ‘Say It Isn’t So’ below), the good news is that MAC is releasing 10 of them as part of the extension to their permanent eyeshadow collection later this year.  It’s worth having a look in The Cosmetics Company Store first, though, as you might be able to find some of the shades for a reduced price while they still have them in stock!

I would recommend using dazzleshadows over a creamier base (like MAC paintpots, Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Shadows) to help the glitter adhere to the lid.  Patting them on with a flat shader brush will also help the eyeshadow stick to the lid more effectively.

‘Can’t Stop, Don’t Stop’ is a beautiful mix of purple, plum and pink, with micro-sparkles which glisten when they catch the light.  I can see this shade looking amazing over white, silver and pink eyeshadow bases.  I think applying it damp (try applying some to a flat shader brush and spritzing with fixing spray/water before patting on to the lid) will also really bring out the intensity of the shade.  I paid £11.25 for this eyeshadow (RRP £16).

Pic 4

MAC Dazzleshadow in ‘Can’t Stop, Don’t Stop’ (eyeshadow pan and lid)





















Pic 5

MAC Dazzleshadow in ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ (underside)














MAC Dazzleshadow in ‘Say It Isn’t So’

Oh, wow, one swatch of this eyeshadow and I was sold!!!! This particular shade has the most stunning mix of silver and pink, with micro-glitter particles which glisten in the light.  I swatched it over the MAC paintpot in ‘Nice Composure’ and wow, it looked even more amazing! I couldn’t resist trying it out when I got home and applied it damp using a fixing spray – that brought the metallic glistening effect out even more.  I can recommend checking out this shade if you can get it from a Cosmetics Company Store, or if you want to wait for the MAC re-launch later this year.  I paid £11.25 for this eyeshadow (RRP £16).

MAC Dazzleshadow in 'Say It Isn't So'

MAC Dazzleshadow in ‘Say It Isn’t So’ (pan and compact)





















Pic 7

MAC Dazzleshadow in ‘Say It Isn’t So’ (underside)














MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Wow Factor’

‘Wow Factor’ is a beautiful, matte, pale lilac.  I don’t have a shade like this in my current make-up collection and so I snapped it up.  This particular shade came out as part of MAC’s ‘MAC Is Beauty’ Spring collection for 2015.  I got this eyeshadow for £9.25 (RRP £13).

Pic 8

MAC Eyeshadow Pot in ‘Wow Factor’





















Pic 9

MAC Eyeshadow Pot in ‘Wow Factor’













MAC Huggable Glass in ‘Love Buzz’

I am a huge fan of the MAC Huggable line (the lipsticks and the lip glasses), as they feel so moisturising and balmy on the lips.  They are quite pricey, though (£17.50 for the lip glass) and so I only picked up a couple when they launched this year.  I couldn’t resist picking up ‘Love Buzz’, a glossy, medium bright pink with purplish undertones.   I’ve worn it a couple of times and I really, really like it.  I paid £12.25 for ‘Love Buzz’ (RRP £17.50).

MAC Huggable Glass in 'Love Buzz'

MAC Huggable Glass in ‘Love Buzz’






















Pic 10

Left to Right: MAC Paintpot in ‘Nice Composure’, MAC Dazzleshadow in ‘Say It Isn’t So’, MAC Dazzleshadow in ‘Can’t Stop, ‘Won’t Stop’, MAC Eyeshadow Pot in ‘Wow Factor’









Pic 11

MAC Huggable Glass in ‘Love Buzz’








So that’s what I got! Quite a big haul but as my husband said at the time, I would have regretted not picking up these products.  Really beautiful shades and so nice to get them at a much cheaper price!

Have you tried any of these products before? Or have you visited The Cosmetics Company Store before? What did you get? Let me know in the comments section below.

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