Urban Decay Naked Heat Lipsticks: Fuel and Heat










Urban Decay recently launched their Naked Heat collection, including an eyeshadow palette, three Vice lipsticks and a 24/7 eyeliner.  I picked up two of the lipsticks (Heat and Fuel) and the eyeliner (Torch) as I loved these particular shades.  I don’t have anything else like Fuel in my make-up collection and Heat is just such a beautiful, burnished coppery-red shade.  Wonderful additions to my make-up collection!

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Outer Packaging

The Naked Heat lipsticks come packaged in boxes with a similar design to the permanent Vice lipstick range but with a different colour scheme.  Instead of being black and red, the Naked Heat boxes have a heat haze style colour scheme of burnished coppery-brown, yellow and gold swirls and gold writing.  The boxes have the product and brand names printed on the front, along with the product volume (3.4g / 0.11oz).  One side of the box states that the lipstick comes in a ‘super-creamy formula’ and that it has a ‘Pigment Infusion System’ which delivers ‘…insane payoff…’.  The other side of the box has the brand name and product printed on it.














The top and back of the box have a sticker right across which is coloured in the same sort of shade as the lipstick contained inside.  I like this feature, as it makes it really easy to check that you have picked up the right shade in store.  The shade name and finish is also printed on the sticker across the top of the box.  Having the shade name and coloured sticker across the top means you could store the lipstick in its box.  






















Lipstick Tubes

The lipsticks come packaged in tubes which are similar design-wise to the permanent Vice lipsticks but with an alternative colour scheme.  The Naked Heat lipsticks have copper lids and gold bases to tie in with the Naked Heat theme and the outer boxes.  The copper lids have ‘Urban Decay’ printed on the side and the ‘UD’ logo inscribed on the tops.  



















The bottom of each lipstick has the shade name and finish printed on to a sticker matching the lipstick shade inside the tube.  Again, I like the use of coloured stickers with shade name and finish as it makes it very easy to spot your chosen shade in your make-up collection.























The lipsticks come in chrome coloured tubes with gold bases.  The initials ‘UD’ are inscribed on the lipstick bullets, whilst the brand name is printed along the long edge of the lipstick tubes.  I picked up two out of the three shades from the Naked Neat collection: Fuel (Cream finish) and Heat (Metallized finish).  There is also a third shade called ‘Scorched (a metallized copper) available in the collection.

Urban Decay Vice Naked Heat Lipsticks in Fuel (left) and Heat (right)



















Fuel is a creamy light warm peach-nude shade with a hint of beige.  I don’t have anything else like this in my collection as I generally suit nude shades which have more of a peachy-pink undertone.  However, I find that this shade has enough warmth to it which helps me carry it off. 

I can’t wear this lipstick without any other make-up as the pale tones can make my face look a bit washed out but it is fantastic with bold eyeshadow combinations.  I love wearing this shade when I am sporting smokey or brightly coloured eyeshadow looks.  I particularly like it with blue and green eyeshadow looks as the peachy tones complement those shades perfectly.  

Urban Decay Vice Naked Heat Lipstick in Fuel















Heat is a metallic, deep and bright burnished coppery-red shade.  I just loooove this sort of shade and haven’t found this type of colour in other brands.  This shade looks particularly pretty in the sunshine or under bright lights as the coppery and red tones really glimmer in the light.  I enjoy wearing Heat with various warm-toned eyeshadow combinations, including browns, golds, peaches, coppers and sometimes greens.  I also like wearing it on its own when I don’t feel like wearing any other make-up; the deep coppery-red tones bring a lot of life to the face. 

Urban Decay Vice Naked Heat Lipstick in Heat

















I have seen Heat compared to the permanent Urban Decay shade called ‘Cruel’.  I have ‘Cruel’ (you can see my post on Cruel, along with photos and swatches here) and whilst there are some similarities in terms of colour depth and finish, I think they are still quite different shades.  Cruel looks a lot more pink and berry based to me, whilst Heat has more of a copper and red slant to it.  Heat has more of a metallic, glimmery look to it as well, whilst Cruel has a slightly softer – though still metallic – gleam on the lips.


Urban Decay Vice Naked Heat Lipsticks in Fuel (left) and Heat (right)











Stockists and Price

The Urban Decay Vice Naked Heat lipsticks cost £15.50 and are available in the UK from various retailers, including Debenhams, House of Fraser, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis and Feel Unique.

Do you have Fuel, Heat or any of the other products from the Naked Heat collection? What do you think of them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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