Kiko Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter in 01 Champagne



















A couple of weeks ago, I posted a sneak peek of products I picked up from a recent trip to Kiko (click here to see the post).  As part of the ‘Metal Fusion’ collection, there are powder highlighters which are also available in the permanent Kiko range.  I already have the Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter in 01 Champagne, which was included in the ‘Metal Fusion’ collection.  This highlighter gives such a beautiful, natural glow to the face that I think it is well worth a post!


‘Metal Fusion’ Collection

Metallic finish make-up is huge right now and Kiko has come out with this limited edition collection to pay homage to the trend.  The range includes blushes (four shades), highlighting drops (three shades) powder highlighters (four shades) and Water Eyeshadows (three shades). 

Some of the products in the collection are limited edition.  I haven’t seen the blushes, highlighting drops or the powder highlighter in Unicorn before.  However, the Water Eyeshadows and three of the Glow Fusion Powder Highlighters are part of the permanent Kiko make-up range, so you might well have already seen these products before.  I’m not sure at the moment if 04 Unicorn is limited edition or will be made permanent in the Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter range.

If you are interested in reading more about the Water Eyeshadows, I have written about this particular product before here (I have four shades). 

If you are interested in reading about the Metal Fusion Blushes, you can read my post on one of the shades here.

But for now…on to the Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter!



The Glow Fusion Powder Highlighters come packaged in the classic silver Kiko square plastic compact with rounded edges.  The blushes come packaged in rose-gold compacts, so this colour difference makes it easy to pick out the highlighters or the blushes if you have both in your collection.

The front of the compact has the Kiko logo on the front and ‘Kiko’ in white letters at the lip opening.  The compact feels really smooth and (I think) looks very chic.  The compact fits nicely in the palm of my hand and feels sturdy, yet still light-weight.












The back of the palette has the shade number, product name and product weight (5g/net weight 0.17oz).  I noted in my post on the Metal Fusion Blushes that they weigh 3.5g/net weight 0.12oz, so they weigh less than the highlighters.  The compacts are the same sizes, so it may be that the powders differ in their density.














The powder highlighter compact contains a large mirror on the underside of the top lid and the highlighter in the bottom section.  The mirror is a really good size, as it pretty much covers the whole inside part of the lid surface.  The highlighter has the Kiko logo inscribed into it.
















Product Blurb

The Glow Fusion Powder Highlighters are advertised on the Kiko site as “…having a high concentration of pearls [which] helps to create points of light and guarantees optimum colour release with a blendable effect for every type of makeup”.  

The site states that the highlighters contain a “…blend of softening ingredients [which] create[s] an exceptionally soft and gliding powder that leaves a long lasting feeling of comfort”. 

The highlighters are also described as being velvety, creamy and blendable, with the ability to create a flawless, soft focus finish on the skin.


Texture and Finish

The highlighter feels really smooth, silky and lightweight in texture.  I find that it glides on my skin really easily and blends out beautifully.

The product feels so buildable, as I can apply just a little or more for an intense effect, without it looking powdery.  A light application of highlighter gives the face a naturally beautiful, glowy look.  You can also build the powder up easily anywhere you like to have a more intense effect, without it looking powdery or unnatural on the skin. 

This highlighter gives skin such a beautiful, natural glow.  The powder gives off a subtle sheen, rather than a sparkly or a shimmery finish.  I like that this highlighter has a softly metallic sheen, rather than shimmer, as I feel it blends more easily and softly into the skin.  If you like more shimmer or glitter in your highlighter, though, this might not be the product for you.



I like to use a small tapered brush for highlighting, as I find it gives me more control and stops the product from going elsewhere on the face.  The Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush and the Real Techniques Setting Brush are my two go-to brushes for powder highlighters. 

I usually apply my highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones, on my cupid’s bow (just above the centre of the top lip), down the centre of my nose and sometimes above my brows.  I find that this placement gives my face some natural glow and brightness, without it looking unnatural.



There are four shades available in the Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter range.  The shade range includes: 01 Champagne (the lightest shade, featured in this post) 02 Heavenly Gold, 03 Divine Bronze and 04 Unicorn.  When I swatched the shades in store, I remember they looked deeper as the numbers went up so hopefully there is a shade to suit your skintone.  It would be interesting to know if 02 and 03 work on those with deeper skin tones (please let me know if you have tried either of these shades out).  04 Unicorn is new as part of the ‘Metal Fusion’ collection and is more of an iridescent white highlighter with lilac, pink and blue inflections.

I have shade 01 Champagne, which is a light creamy white highlighter with a gold cast.  The shade reminds me a little of MAC Nylon eyeshadow.  It also reminds me of NARS Albatross Highlighter, which is a product I used years ago and loved. 

I think this highlighter looks lovely as a face highlighter (cheeks, cupid’s bow, centre of the nose) but I think it would also work well as an eyeshadow on the lid.  I’ll need to try that out! It’s lovely when you find a product which you can use in several ways.  




































Stockists and Price

The Kiko ‘Glow Fusion Powder Highlighters’ cost £9.90 and are available from Kiko stores and online.  Kiko often has promotional events where products have money off, so you might be able to save some cash if you don’t mind waiting .


What are your thoughts on the Kiko ‘Glow Fusion Powder Highlighters’ and the rest of the ‘Metal Fusion’ collection? Do you have any of the ‘Glow Fusion Powder Highlighters’ or any of the other products in the collection? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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