Watt Bros Bargain: Triple Pack of NYX Plush Gel Lipsticks



















I was in my local Watt Bros store recently and found a triple pack of the NYX Plus Gel Lipsticks.  The pack was incredibly good value, as it cost £6.99 for three lipsticks, with £6.50 being the usual RRP for one! I haven’t tried out the Plush Gel Lipsticks before, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try them out!

I also found the NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette in B&M (a UK discount store) for only £5.99! You can see my post on this product here.

You can find more posts on the site featuring NYX make-up here You can also search for make-up posts on the site featuring various brands under ‘Faves, Hauls & Brands’/’Brands’ on the site menu bar.


Lipstick Packaging

The lipsticks come in slimline tubes which are coloured in similar shades to the product contained inside.  I like the coloured tubes, as it makes it easy to pick out the shade you want in your make-up bag.  The lid simply clips on and off at the top section of the tube.  The bottom half of the tube provides the brand name, product name and the net weight of product (0.05oz/1.47g).

















The side of the tubes provide the shade code, shade name and ingredients.












The lipsticks swivel up and down through the usual method of turning the base of the tube.

The lipstick bullets (the product itself) are slimline and much smaller than usual lipstick bullets.  I quite like this feature, as it makes it really easy to apply the product precisely to the lips and to get into the lip corners.  The smaller lipstick bullet size means I need to go over my lips a little more than a usual lipstick in order to cover the whole surface area, so that is worth noting.

Left to Right: Azalea, Coral Mist and Karma Kiss



















Product Claims

The Plush Gel Lipsticks are described on the NYX website as giving lips “…an oh-so-soft feel and the high shine of a gloss”. 

The lipsticks are advertised as being “…a glossy lipstick with light to medium coverage”. 

The site also suggests applying a second coat of lipstick in order to achieve a bolder finish.


Texture, Colour Payoff and Scent

I love the texture of these lipsticks, as they feel so light-weight, smooth and comfortable on the lips.  The gel texture doesn’t feel as clingy on my lips as the MAC Huggable Lipcolours (which I love!) but I think the gel may help with the smoothness and weightless feel of the product.  I really like using these lipsticks when I just want something quick and easy to put on my lips.  I think they would be lovely for summer or on days when you just feel like wearing very light feeling make-up.

The lipsticks have a beautiful shine but they aren’t quite as glossy as a lipgloss to me.  They feel somewhere in the middle of a balm and a gloss; soft, smooth and with a slight shine.

The colours seem to be true to form to me (as they seem in swatches and in the tube) and give colour payoff on the lips.  I find the formula to be light-medium in coverage and buildable.  I can apply one coat for a beautiful wash of colour or also a second for bolder coverage (as advertised on the NYX website).

I’ve read reviews saying people found the lipsticks to be long-lasting but I find that they wear off fairly quickly on my lips.  The balmy feeling lasts but I find that the colour wears off after a couple of hours wear.  I don’t find the wear time to be bothersome as I wasn’t expecting them to last long due to the formula type.  It’s worth noting, though, in case you prefer your lipsticks to last longer.

One thing to note is that for some reason, the lipsticks have quite a bitter, plastic like taste on application.  I don’t taste them; the scent comes through when I am applying them to my lips.  I’m not quite sure why there is such a bitter taste to the lipsticks, as I only recently purchased them and so they aren’t old.  I’ve also read reviews online saying that other people have noticed the strange scent of this lipstick.  I don’t mind it as I like the product but I would prefer the lipstick to have a more pleasant scent – or no scent at all – as it would make it nicer to apply.


Shades and Swatches

The three lipsticks that I got in the triple pack were Azalea, Coral Mist and Karma Kiss.  The NYX site has 11 shades available, whilst the Boots site has 10 shades available.  The shades I got in the triple pack are available on both sites, on other sites and in stores.

Left to Right: Azalea, Coral Mist and Karma Kiss











Azalea is a medium, cool-toned bright hot pink with a slight blue/purple undertone).  Coral Mist is a medium coral shade.  Karma Kiss is a deep raspberry with a slight reddish undertone.  I like that the pack contained three different shades, as it means I can use them for different types of looks.  


Left to Right: Azalea, Coral Mist and Karma Kiss











Stockists and Price

As mentioned above, I found the triple pack of NYX Plush Gel Lipsticks in Watt Bros (a UK store) for £6.99.  The lipsticks usually retail for £6.50 individually and are available to purchase from Boots, Debenhams, Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique and the official NYX website. 

I noticed that the lipsticks are currently being sold for £3.25 on the NYX website, so it’s worth a look if you fancy trying out this lipstick. 

The stores mentioned here often have special offers on make-up, so it’s also worth looking out for them if you can’t find the lipsticks in Watt Bros or on the NYX website and want to save some money.

Have you tried the NYX Plush Gel Lipsticks before? What do you think of them? Would you recommend trying any other NYX products? Let me know in the comments section below.

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