FOTD: Subtle Plum Eyes and Bold Lips (Using NYX Swear By It Palette)














I really enjoy using the NYX Swear By It Eyeshadow Palette (you can see my post, see photos and view swatches here) but for some reason, I never got round to posting looks I created using the palette.

This particular look uses plum shades from the palette to create some subtle definition on the eyes.  I chose to keep the eyes quite pared down as I wanted to wear this beautiful deep plum lipstick, MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Cocomotion.  I must have forgotten to write down the exact shades I used from the palette to create this look as I can’t see them in my folder (sorry!) but I remember using a combination of the plum shades in the first column (top down).

I’m planning to post more of the looks I have created using this palette on the site, so stay tuned! You can find looks using this palette on the site here.

If you would like some look ideas using particular shades in the palette, or certain types of looks, let me know! 

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