Spotlight on MAC: Extra Dimension Blush in ‘Sweets For My Sweet’




















The ‘Extra Dimension’ line is one of my favourites from MAC and so I was very excited when they introduced Extra Dimension blushers, skin finishes and eyeshadows to their permanent range.  I found it very hard to choose what products to get as they were so beautiful but I managed to narrow it down to one blusher (featured here) and one skin finish (Beaming Blush).   

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Compact Packaging

The Extra Dimension Blushes come in MAC’s classic, black plastic packaging.  The top of the compact has a clear, plastic lid which enables you to see the blusher colour contained inside.  The lid has the MAC logo written across it in black letters.















The back of the compact has a sticker providing the range name, shade name and the weight of the product.  The sticker states that the compact contains net weight 4g/0.14US oz.  However, the site states that the product contains 6.5g, which is a little confusing.  I’m not sure why there is different information on the site in comparison to the compact.
















The blusher, like other MAC products, has a flip-up lid which makes a good ‘click’ sound when you close the compact.  





















The blusher, like the other Extra Dimension products, is embossed with straight lines and the MAC logo.  I’ve used the blusher several times since taking these photos and it is only now starting to wear away. 














I’m pleased to say as well that the colour and the finish of the blush stay the same, even when the design starts to wear away.  The shade that you see from the first use is the shade you will get throughout with the blusher.  It’s sometimes frustrating to have a product which looks one way when you first buy it and then changes as it has an overspray as a top layer.  Good to know that this doesn’t happen with these products! 


Product Description

The MAC site describes the Extra Dimension blushes as being “A modern hybrid blush” which combines “…the smoothness of a cream, blendability of a liquid and finish of a powder with long-wearing colour and prismatic reflections”. 

The site states that the blush “…delivers polished textures that reflect light and leave a smooth, second-skin finish”.

The MAC site also states that these blushes are long-wearing, can be used wet or dry and are for all skin types.  The site has slightly conflicting information on wear time for the blush, in that the same page says that it “lasts up to 6 hours” and “10 hours”.


Texture, Finish and Colour

The Extra Dimension Blushes (and the rest of the MAC Extra Dimension range) seems to be MAC’s take on the metallic trend which is so big right now.  I really love the range of colours to choose from (more on that below under ‘Shade Range’), as they range from more subtle glowy metallics to super bright metallic pops.  I think the colour range makes the metallic trend a little more accessible to those who want to try it out but still keep things subtle, as well as appealing to those who like a bold, uber metallic cheek.

The blushes are very smooth, silky and easy to blend onto the cheeks.  The blush has a soft metallic finish which looks beautifully glowy on the cheeks.  I don’t find the blush looks frosty or emphasises pores; it just gives a really beautiful, healthy glow to the cheeks.

The texture is extremely buildable, in that you can apply a little for a soft glow or really build it up for a stronger, metallic finish.  I find this blusher a little more easy to work with than the Kiko Metal Fusion blushes (you can read more on the Kiko product here) as the texture isn’t quite as dense and strong.  The Kiko one is beautifully buildable and smooth; you just have to be very careful not to take too much on the brush if you want a softer effect.  Whilst the MAC blusher is pigmented, it’s a little less dense and I think it would be a good option if you aren’t used to metallic make-up or are worried about over-applying your blusher.

I haven’t tested the wear time of the blush but I find that it does fade across the day on me.  I usually wear just face powder on a daily basis (rather than foundation and setting powder), so that may or may not  influence wear time of this product.

I generally prefer to wear my blushes dry so I haven’t tried it out wet yet.  My assumption is that wearing the blush wet would make it higher impact but I can’t say that for sure.  It would be interesting to know what the blush is like wet; let me know if you have tried this out!


Shade Range

There are 11 shades available in the Extra Dimension Blush range, including nudes, browns, peaches, corals, pinks, mauves and plums.  Some of the shades are very soft and natural, whilst others are very bold.  It’s nice to see that there is a wide range of shades and tones to cater to different make-up tastes.

I chose one of the pink blushes called ‘Sweets For My Sweet’ (see photo below).  This shade is described on the MAC site as a “Mid tone yellow pink”. 














I agree that this blusher is medium in tone, as it isn’t pale but nor is it very deep or overly bright.  The colour isn’t cool, which is possibly why it is described as being ‘yellow’ in tone. 

I would describe the colour as being a medium, glowy peachy-pink with a subtle gold undertone.  This particular shade makes cheeks look like they have a beautiful, natural glowy flush.  I find that it pairs well with most eyeshadow combinations, particularly peaches, corals and greens.  I think it will look especially beautiful over the Spring and Summer seasons to come!























Stockists and Price

MAC Extra Dimension Blushes cost £23.  The blushes are available from a range of retailers, including MAC standalone stores, Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis and Look Fantastic.


Do you have any of the MAC Extra Dimension Blushes? Have you tried any of the other Extra Dimension products from MAC? Let me know in the comments section below.

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