Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in ‘My Digits’

























One of my favourite plum lipsticks (MAC Craving) finished a while ago (sob!) and so there was a wee plum coloured gap in my lipstick collection.  Rather than buying the same shade again, I really wanted to try out a similar shade from another brand.  There is something really fun about trying out a similar shade from another brand, particularly one that I haven’t tried before.  Enter Smashbox ‘Be Legendary Lipstick’ in ‘My Digits’!

Smashbox recently revamped and completely relaunched their lipstick line and as I’ve never tried anything from the brand, I thought this might be a fun place to start.  I was really curious to see how the lipsticks performed in practice and it was one of the only brands where I managed to find a good dupe – a shade called ‘My Digits’ – for MAC Craving.


The lipstick comes in a rectangular black box with the lipstick shade swiped over the front and top parts.  The top of the box gives the shade name and is also coloured in the shade of the lipstick.  Having the lipstick colour as part of the box is quite a nice feature, especially if you like to keep your products in their boxes.  The front of the box states that the lipstick contains .10oz/3g of product.




















The side of the box advertises the lipstick as having ‘One Swipe Color!’ that ‘feels like silk and pops on film’.  The box states that the lipstick contains ‘Super saturated colour = total pigment payoff’ and a ‘Satin-smooth, feel-good formula’.




















The lipstick comes encased in a rectangular shaped, metal-like black box with ‘Smashbox’ printed in white letters on the base.  The box feels quite light and sleek to hold in the hand, with a lid that easily slides off for opening and slips back into space upon closing.  The lipstick shade is printed on a sticker at the bottom of the base of the lipstick.






































Shade and Swatch

‘My Digits’ is a medium plum lipstick with a smooth cream finish.  The shade is warm in tone, in that it has a slight pink undertone to the plum base, rather than being cooler and bluish-purple in colour.  The shade looks quite classic on the lips so I think it would be lovely for those looking to be a little more adventurous with their lipcolour but still keeping things quite natural.





















The lipstick texture is so lovely in that it just glides on and feels incredibly silky on the lips.  The lipstick feels so light and weightless on the lips, almost as if you aren’t wearing anything at all.  I think this lipstick texture would really appeal to people who find lipstick heavy on the lips or those who aren’t used to wearing it.

As part of the ‘Be Legendary Lipstick’ range, Smashbox has lipsticks in cream, matte and triple tone (just read about this one!) finishes.  This is the only shade I have tried from the cream range, so I can’t speak for the other shades but I am tempted to see if other shades are as beautiful and lightweight.  I haven’t tried any of the lipsticks in the matte finish either, so I am curious to see what they are like.  The triple tone finish is one I read about recently and is meant to contain three shades to create a ‘faster ombre’ lip.

Stockists and Price

The Smashbox Be Legendary Lipsticks cost £17.50 and are available from Boots and on the Smashbox website.

Have you used any of the Be Legendary Lipsticks before? Any recommendations? Or any products you would recommend from Smashbox that are worth trying? Let me know in the comments section below.

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