African Grey Parrot (Using NYX Swear By IT Eyeshadow Palette)


African Grey Parrot Look

African Grey Parrot Look









The first look in my Bird Series (you can read more about the series here) is based around the African Grey Parrot.  I’ve had exposure to this beautiful bird over the years and thought it would be a fun place to start the series.

The African Grey Parrot (see photo below) has a striking colour scheme of grey, white and black, with bright scarlet tail feathers at the back.  For this look, I incorporated the greys, white and red on the lid, along with black liner on the upper lashline.  I also used a soft red lipstick on the lips to mimic the vivid red tail feathers. 

You can view full face shots, along with the cheek and lip colours I used, in this post.

African Grey Parrot Photo from Pexel (free photo site)











The Bird Series includes looks based around different types of birds and their colour schemes.  You can read more about the series and view posts here.

Tip: I’m using the NYX Swear By IT Eyeshadow Palette, supplemented by the occasional shade from other brands, to create looks for this series.  This particular look uses shades from the NYX palette and a couple from the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Palette.  You can view posts on the site featuring the NYX Palette here and the Kat Von D palette here.

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Rainbow Series: Roundup!


















This post provides an overview of all of the looks included in my recent Rainbow Series.  The Rainbow Series includes looks based around each of the colours of the rainbow.  You can read about the series and view each of the original individual posts here.

This post provides a short summary of each look and two face photos for each combination.  You can click on the links for each look (under the eye photos above and on the titles for each look below) to view more details on how to re-create that particular look, see more photos and see what cheek and lip products I used.

Tip: I used the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette for all of the looks but you can substitute in eyeshadows from any brand.  The NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in ‘Brights’ is a great dupe for the Urban Decay Full Spectrum and cheaper (£16 instead of £43).  You can view the NYX Palette here.

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